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Montag, 24. Juni 2013


buffed intern: Stellt Eure Fragen zum buffedCast 358

Das buffed-Team beantwortet Community-Fragen im wöchentlichen buffedCast - stellt uns jetzt Eure Fragen zur Episode 357 des buffedCast

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The TORWars

Command Decisions: Things to Do Two!

Exclusive to Galactic Holofeed Channel Zeta OMicron Gamma 111, Major Snarl is online with Command Decisions, a weekly column that looks at guild management, and the perils and rewards within. Major Snarl and Havoc Squad head this week to Alderaan, investigating a planet insurance scam that for once Vik wasn’t involved with. Reads here, “In the event of total planetary destruction…” Yeah, like THAT’D ever happen.

Greetings, trusty TORwarriors! To continue from two weeks ago, here are more ideas for activities. I can only claim credit for grouping these many ideas together; these are the work of many many people and I’d like to thank them and their guilds for taking the time to create unique and fun events.

Scavenger Hunts. These can take an inordinate amount of prep, but when they are set up properly, hijinx and hilarity can ensure. Like a real life scavenger hunt you are given a list of things to get; first one to turn them in wins, with probably second and third place prizes as well. The contents of the list stay hidden until the event starts. This is where social media like Facebook pages or a special post on your guild forums for the event can be handy to quickly post lists as well as drum up interest. You can be nice to your contestants and give them a simple list or you can frame the items in the form of a riddle or limerick–a haiku even.

Need MOAR fun!

Need MOAR fun!

Our WoW chapter did a “secret list” scavenger hunt where the theme was “Red.” That is, you would mail the Activities Officer items (like Red wolf meat) with the word red in it or it would be at least 20% red when the graphic was opened. If it wasn’t on the list, then it was returned to you. If it was then you didn’t get it back until the end of the event. Major kudos to Seilee, who masterminded and monitored the IncREDible August Scavenger Hunt!

Target the Turkey. Another simple one:  A person drops to a horrible death from a point on high and lies in a broken heap. Everyone else then has a shot (or several shots, if you’re feeling generous) to do the same leap and tries to get as close as possible. (Having your Guild Leader be the Turkey is always a nice touch.) We don’t have personal flying mounts in this game so targeting can be harder. You’ll have to choose a place that won’t just “fade to grey” and then put you at a respawn point of course.

Craft Fair. Another event that requires a lot of back-end work in terms of getting the right people together, but it can be great advertising or morale-building whether you open it up to the entire server or have it just for your guild. The premise is that you gather crafters of all skills (and of medium to upper end ability) from your guild together in one place and provide free crafting, no tip necessary. As an extra bonus, for guildies no mats required but material donations are always welcome. Meantime, you advertise that you’re in your voicechat progam and invite people to log on. If their item takes longer then it will be mailed to them or the person can come back later.

This caught my eye the other day on the swtor sub-reddit:  The Stars of the War Fashion Promenade that was held June 1st, on the Bergeren Colony server by Kirax. The rules looked to be well-laid out, the prizes were good and it looked to be just the kind of offbeat, wacky fun that’s just perfect to pique a player’s interest. We’d love to see who won and how the event played out. Well done!

Now THIS is Podracing!

Swoop and pod-racing are heavily-requested mini-games in SWTOR. Until we get them, check out various servers’ Boonta Eve podracing events, notably by Alpha Republic on The Bastion server. February’s run was attended by then-Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez and also Cartel Market Systems Designer Nathan Emmott, who were part of the audience and handed out taunfaun codes! Although usually held each month on a different planet, the next race will be on July 6th so as to not conflict with Bioware events and double XP weekends. Look for more details on SWTOR’s official forums, as well as on their website.


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a series of connected events that The Incredibles leadership put on during the 2012 Summer Olympics. We had a naked foot race on Tatooine, a Find Me where our GM Laohastwoguns snuck an Imperial Agent onto the second floor of House Organa, and an epic rock-paper-scissors contest on Tython where myself and another guildie Toughnut matched each other sixteen times. Each event, held on a different day, was worth a certain amount of points for first, second and third. At the end of the event the points were tallied and the winner won a SWTOR game card. Toughnut was able to snag some Taunfaun codes from EA at Comicon earlier that year and donated those as prizes for the event.

I hope these help your guild stave off the summer slump, and to keep your guildies logged in and engaged. Or, as Deidre is fond of saying, to keep your players playing.

Semper Havoc!

Comment about this or any other Command Decisions article below; we want to hear what you think! Have a question about guild management for Major Snarl? You can find him and the rest of Havoc Squad lounging in Republic-friendly pubs all across The Bastion server. Send a wave to majorsnarl [at] gmail [dot] com or post in the comments section below!

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Patch 2.2.1 und Char-Transfers am Dienstag

Es ist soweit! Am morgigen Dienstag finden die Wartungsarbeiten statt, auf die alle schon so sehnlich warten.

Denn morgen kommt Patch 2.2.1, der viele Bugfixes aber auch die Charaktertransfers mitbringen soll! Amber Green, die gute Seele des offiziellen SWTOR-Forums, hat uns bestätigt, dass die Transfers weiterhin für morgen angesetzt sind. Wenn also alles glatt läuft, kann die große Reise ab morgen Nachmittag endlich losgehen!

Ihr müsst euch aber einige Zeit gedulden, denn für die Wartungsarbeiten wurde ein Zeitraum von 6 Stunden angesetzt. Um 11.30 Uhr geht es los – dann werden die Server heruntergefahren und das bedeutet, dass auch die offizielle Website nicht für euch zur Verfügung stehen wird.

Um 17.30 Uhr sollen die Wartungsarbeiten aber ihr Ende finden. Sollte sich daran etwas ändern, sich das Ende der Wartung nach vorne oder nach hinten verschieben, werden wir euch natürlich in gewohnter Weise darüber informieren. Patchnotes gibt es leider noch nicht, aber sobald Bioware diese veröffentlicht hat, werdet ihr sie natürlich bei uns vorfinden.

Die Ankündigung zu den Wartungsarbeiten findet ihr hier »
Ihr sucht die älteren Patchnotes? Dann schaut mal hier »

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Das buffed Magazin Ausgabe 07-08/2013 im neuen Look ab sofort im Handel - mit Item Codes für WoT und Neverwinter!

Ab Mittwoch dem 19. Juni ist die neue Ausgabe des buffed-Magazins am Kiosk erhältlich. Das Titelthema der Nummer 07-08/2013 ist die aktuelle Free2Play-Sensation Neverwinter, das landauf, landab die MMO-Gamer begeistert. Dazu enthält das Magazin neben…

Mo, 24. Jun 2013 14:04:00

Force Junkies

Point of View : Kights of the Old Republic III

Point of View Header

A battle hardened Knight once said, “…many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.” These are mine.

Have you ever thought of playing SWTOR like the 3rd Knights of the Old Republic game?

All you’d have to do is turn off the chat window. It’s an interesting idea, and one you might want to try if the grind is becoming to… well grindy.

I’m huge fan of KotOR I and II. I’m a fan of II for what it could have been if not rushed. The original KotOR was one of the best of that generation of games, and still holds up today. That sentiment can be proven by the release of KotOR for tablets just a few weeks ago.

So, you’ve turned off that chat window right? The game dynamic has completely changed. In fact you can go so far as to turn off all communications with players to totally immerse yourself in a single player experience. It’s just you against the Galaxy!

Why would anyone want to play this way? It’s an MMO for pete’s sake! I agree you lose a good chunk of the game when choosing avoid group content. That doesn’t’ mean you can’t go back and play the FPs and Heroics once you out level them. You are the Galaxy’s greatest hero, no sense in not blowing through those missions anyway.

Knight and Oteg

Stripping away the MMO component of the game leaves you with 8 different ways to see the story unfold. Did you know that Risha and Vette used to be partner’s in crime? You only find that out if you play both Warrior and Smuggler story lines. Do you know what the Star Cabal is and what really happened to the Emperor? Finding these story elements out at your own pace is well worth the time and admission price.

The Silverstrike Legacy can be found on The Bastion’s Vaiken Spacedock, in the company of his fellow Zergadins.

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Unsere Partnergilde Loom erfolgreich im 8er-Asation-NM

Heute möchten wir euch mal wieder etwas aus der Progress-Ecke präsentieren, weil wir finden, dass sich das durchaus sehen lassen kann. Und zwar geht es um unsere Partnergilde Loom, die sich derzeit am 8er-Nightmare-Modus der Operation Schrecken aus der Tiefe versucht und mittlerweile den dritten Bossgegner den Garaus gemacht hat!

Loom Asation NM Boss 3

Nur noch ein Haufen Schrott: Betreiber IX (Boss Nummer 3)

Damit liegen sie im World-Progress-Ranking der Operation ziemlich weit vorne und wir möchten ihnen auf diesem Wege zum 5. Platz (von 27) gratulieren! Nach eigenen Worten fällt der Modus recht knackig aus und gerade an der Furchtwache haben sich sie etliche Male die Zähne ausgebissen!

Wir wünschen ihnen natürlich weiterhin viel Erfolg und freuen uns sehr darüber, mit Loom eine starke und erfolgreiche Gilde als Partner von OldRep an der Hand zu haben!

Loom Asation NM-Boss 1

Der erste Erfolg: Der sich windende Schrecken windet sich nun nicht mehr.

Loom Asation NM Erfolg

Dieser Erfolg kann sich durchaus sehen lassen!

Und hier findet ihr die Videos:

Hier findet ihr die Übersicht über alle Erfolge der deutschen Progress-Gilden »
Die tolle Nachricht gibts natürlich auch bei Loom nachzulesen »
Und hier findet ihr die Übersicht über das World Ranking »

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SWTOR Wartungsarbeiten am 25. Juni

SWTOR Wartungsarbeiten am 25. JuniAm kommenden Dienstag, den 25. Juni, werden die Star Wars: The old Republic Server, sowie die offizielle Seite Wartungsarbeiten unterzogen. Zwischen 11.30 Uhr und 17:30 Uhr werden die Server und die SWTOR Seite nicht verfügbar sein.

Was erwartet uns?

Während dieser Zeit wird der Patch 2.2.1 auf die Server aufgespielt. Dieser bringt besonders das lang erwartete Feature des Charaktertransfers mit sich. Damit ist es Spielern endlich möglich den Server mit einem oder mehreren Charakteren zu wechseln.

Wir haben hier für Euch noch die offizielle Ankündigung aus dem SWTOR Forum von Amber Green.

Blizzard PosterAmberGreen (Source)

Am 25. Juni werden alle Spielserver, und das Startprogramm aufgrund von planmäßigen Wartungsarbeiten vorübergehend nicht verfügbar sein. Speil-Update 2.2.1 wird während der Wartungsarbeiten implementiert. Hier die Details:

Datum: Dienstag 25. Juni 2013
Dauer: 6 Stunden
Zeit: 11:30 Uhr MESZ bis 17:30 Uhr MESZ

Vielen Dank für Eure Geduld während wir daran arbeiten Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ zu verbessern.

von Kabash am Mo, 24. Jun 2013 11:42:48


SWTOR: Charaktertransfers kommen mit Patch 2.2.1 am 25. Juni 2013

Am 25. Juni 2013 wird Patch 2.2.1 für Star Wars: The Old Republic auf die Live-Server aufgespielt. Von 11:30 Uhr bis 17:30 Uhr sollen die SWTOR-Server für Wartungsarbeiten offline sein. Patch 2.2.1 soll unter anderem die lange erwartete Option auf…

Mo, 24. Jun 2013 10:31:00


Star Wars Rebels mit rebellischen Teenagern?

Die Website, die in der Vergangenheit schon mit einigen Gerüchten zur Zukunft der Star Wars Filme um sich warf, hat nun ein neues Gerücht in die Welt gestreut, welches dieses Mal die neue Animationsserie Star Wars Rebels betrifft.

So möchte man erfahren haben, dass wir zwar auch bekannte Gesichter vorfinden, jedoch die Hauptcharaktere der Serie sich alle noch im Teenager-Alter befinden werden. Ganz überraschend kommt das Ganze eigentlich nicht, wenn man einen Blick auf die Casting-Liste von Episode VII wirft. Denn hier werden auch vorwiegend jüngere Personen, Teenanger oder Twens, als Darsteller gesucht. Darüber hinaus soll auch Mark Hamill einen Gastauftritt in der Serie haben und demnach einem Charakter seine Stimme leihen.

Setzt Disney jetzt vorwiegend auf junge Figuren, um ein ebenso junges Publikum anzuziehen? Schon werden Unkenrufe der Anhängerschaft laut, die ein neues Twilight oder ähnliches befürchten.

Dazu sei gesagt, dass es sich hier nicht um bestätigte Infos handelt. Also heißt es erst einmal ruhig bleiben und abwarten, genauere Infos werden wir schon bald in Essen auf der Star Wars Celebration erfahren können.


von Meiou am Mo, 24. Jun 2013 10:14:34

Sonntag, 23. Juni 2013


Spannung, Spiel und Freude – der Wochenrückblick

Solltet ihr die letzten Tage draußen das Wetter genossen haben und wisst deshalb nicht, was alles passiert ist, braucht ihr nun keine Angst zu haben. Wir haben euch noch einmal das Wichtigste in unserem Wochenrückblick zusammengefasst und bieten euch damit die Möglichkeit, nicht gleich zum Wochenstart morgen den Kopf zu verlieren.

Man war das wieder eine Woche. Nicht nur das Wetter hat uns ganz schön auf Trap gehalten, sondern auch einige Nachrichten, die so ihre Runden drehten. So hat man es z.B. geschafft die Community aufgrund falscher Daten zum Kopfgeldjäger-Event zu verwirren und hat nebenbei auch noch das Freunde-Programm vorübergehend deaktiviert.

Neben den ganzen Änderungen im und um das Spiel, wagt man sich natürlich auch zu schauen, was sich noch verändern wird oder könnte. Deshalb hat man wieder ein wenig in den PTS-Clientdateien rumgekramt und eine ominöse Datei gefunden, die auf ein neues Mount hindeutet. Des Weiteren scheint dem Charaktertransfer mit Patch 2.2.1 nichts im Wege zu stehen und wir haben eine Vorschau auf neue Kartellitems erhalten.

Für Freunde und Besucher der Star Wars Celebration in Essen war diese Woche aber auch einiges los. Nicht nur die neu angekündigten Besucher sind dabei von Interesse, sondern auch die Information der exklusiven Einblicke in Star Wars Rebels und die Veröffentlichung der offiziellen App zur Celebration, die euch unter anderem die Arbeit der Zeitplanung abnehmen kann. Zudem tauchte dann auch noch die Castliste für Episode VII auf, die einen ersten Einblick darauf gibt, wie der Cast zusammengebaut sein wird.

von Etoya am So, 23. Jun 2013 15:00:35

The TORWars

Wall of Guilds: We’re back!

Welcome to this week’s Wall of Guilds, the place to find your new in-game home! This week we welcome Sigma Squad from Begeren Colony.

If you’re hoping to make your wonderful guild even more famous, don’t forget to check out our new (well, old) feature, Guild Spotlight.

Also remember that we’re interested in your server events! You can send details to me at Alice[at]TORWars DOT com and I’ll give you a Big Event shoutout.

Please note that we had some email problems not too long ago, so if you emailed me and didn’t hear back, please try again. Jeff has now managed to chase all the gungans out of the server.

Building a Wall of Guilds one guild ad at a time.

If you are looking for a guild and aren’t seeing any guilds from your preferred server, try searching for your server name in the top right hand search box!

On the other hand if you are a guild looking for free advertisement space to help your recruitment along, all you have to do is fill out the form below and email it to me. You can there after re-submit your guild as many times as you like, there is no limit.

You can also submit your guild to be a Perma-Waller(TM) here on TORWars. Add a link, banner or RSS feed to TORWars on your guild website and contact me on the email below to be included in the Wall every week. It pays to have more than one guild advertising per server. The more choices a server can offer a prospective new player the more she is likely to roll on your server, so mention the Wall to your Allies and Adversaries!

Wall of Guilds


Sigma Squad - Begeren Colony

Sigma Squad – Begeren Colony


Guild name: Sigma Squad

Server: Begeren Colony

Server type: RP-PVE US-West

Faction: Empire

Play style:

PVE heavy, small-group PVP

Contact person and email:


Recruitment needs:

We are filling out a second operations group now, all are welcome to apply.

Ops Schedule:

Alpha Op-Sunday 10am cst

Bravo Op-Thursday 7pm cst

PVP Night-Monday 7pm cst

Short summary:

A guild that has been around since launch, Sigma Squad was founded by 2 real-life friends who continue to lead it today. While the guild is still made up of mostly real-life friends, we have begun recruiting to expand our ranks. If you are looking for a guild to help with leveling, PVE content and regular operations runs with occasional small-group PVP, Sigma Squad may be for you! Check us out on our website and apply today!


The Circle - The Red Eclipse

The Circle – The Red Eclipse

Guild name: The Circle

Server: The Red Eclipse

Server type:  EU – PvE

Faction: Empire, but we also have a smaller, less active Republic side guild

Play style : PvE - casual/semi-hardcore

Contact person and email:

Email: volantiz [at] volantiz [dot] com, ingame you can contact any member, they will lead you to an officer

Recruitment needs:

We are only looking for social and reserve members

Ops Schedule:

One team from 6:30 to 9:30, two teams from 7 to 10, and one from 7:30 to 10:30. All times are in UK time.

Short summary:

We are a medium sized social and raid EU guild, with a fantastic and rich community we are all very proud of. We have four ops team at the moment, but beside that we have two nights for social events, like world bosses, pvp, alt ops teams on either Empire, or on Republic side. Our progression is different on each teams, but in general it is focused on Terror From Beyond and Scum and Villainy HardMode.



Malevolents of Xibalba: The Progenitor

Malevolents of Xibalba: The Progenitor

Guild name: Malevolents of Xibalba

Server: The Progenitor

Server type: EU PvE-RP

Faction: Empire

Play style:

Casual Mixed (we try to accommodate all kinds of playstyles)

Contact person and email:

Paad’m (hugosandra at gmail dot com)

Recruitment needs:

All classes and playstyles are welcome. We try to provide for anyone but dont obligate anything.

Ops Schedule:

Several gearing and progression Ops throughout the week. On the fly PvP (not scheduled)

Short summary:

Malevolents of Xibalba (MoX) is a multi-game guild created in 1998 which puts fair-play and teamwork first and foremost. We are an 18+ guild looking for new members to join us in our continuing journey through SWTOR. Please contact me for more information.


Jen'jidai - Jung Ma

Jen’jidai – Jung Ma

Guild name: Jen’jidai
Server: JungMA
Server type (For example US-East, PVE): RP/PVP
Faction: Empire
Play style (RP. PVE, PVP): PVE/RP/PVP
Contact person and email:
Luniara | Guild Leader ;
Recruitment needs:
All classes
Ops Schedule:

Tuesday-Thursday, 8:30pm – 12:00am EST

Short summary:
Jen’jidai was formed in 2009 as part of, a multi-gaming community and caters to all playstyles; ranging from casual to hardcore. Featured in’s guild spotlight, we strive for perfection and try to remain an active & respectful, close-knit community of friends and family. We maintain multiple operation server firsts, weekly RP (both in game and on the forums)/PVP events and 8 man ops groups. Our story is based on the premise of a cult of Sith following the path of enlightenment. Seeking a perfect destiny, one which many believe can only be achieved by knowing both sides of the force and destroying all those who seek to limit such knowledge. This cult believes it is doing the work of good. It believes those who seek to limit knowledge (The Jedi) are the true tyrants of the galaxy and the true evil. With 2.0 here, we are looking to fill up our rosters and welcome returning and new players into our community! If you are looking for a fun time and a place to call home for years to come, check us out at or ask for an officer in game for info. We hope to see you as part of our ranks!

Jen’jidai Recruitment Video

Penumbral: Jung Ma

Penumbral: Jung Ma

Guild name: Penumbral

Server: Jung Ma

Server type: US-East RP-PvP

Faction: Empire

Play style: RP, PvP, Casual PvE

Contact person and email:

Minali minali.nefarias[at]gmail DOT com

Recruitment needs:

We do not put a limitation on the type of character a person wishes to play, we will take any class/advance class

Ops Schedule:

Operations are done casually at this time


The guild is based on the premise on being a shadowy organization that plays both the Empire and the Republic in order to maintain balance within the galaxy, the Force and both faction’s people. Penumbral believes both the Jedi and Sith are corrupt. The clan preaches the acceptance of both the Light and Dark sides of the Force and teach all those who are willing to learn and better themselves, teaching freedom and a path to personal perfection. While many on Penumbral’s council have been deemed as traitorous to both Factions, they work from the shadows and seek all those who desire safe refuge from the seemingly never ending conflicts. While Penumbral is neutral in character, we remain Empire based not only because we originated from there, but also there is more freedom for our ambitions that the Republic and Jedi would normally abolish. We remain cloaked within the Imperial’s vast Empire.

Guild name: The Imperial Guard

Server: Jung Ma

Server type: US – East

Faction: Empire

Play style: PVP/PVE

Contact person and email:

Xar -

Recruitment needs:

We are currently looking for a couple of (18+) BH tanks and BH healers but all classes and levels are welcome.

Ops Schedule:

2 Ops teams, 2 nights a week @ 830pm EST

Short summary:

The Imperial Guard (TIG) is a North American based guild established 10 years ago for Star Wars: Galaxies. Over time, we have grown as a community and shared tremendous experiences in a number of games. We have been dedicated to Star Wars: The Old Republic since before launch, and are currently committed to engaging in the full spectrum of content, while further growing our family.We boast a diverse membership of individuals from around the world. Members have access to exclusive forums which are designed and maintained in house, and a Mumble voice chat server.  We hold events from World boss nights to Imperial Crackdowns, where we form an Ops group and take over Republic Spaceports across the galaxy for a little Open World PVP fun. TIG is now recruiting players of all ability levels and play styles, who excel in a team environment. If you genuinely like being part of an outstanding family of gamers, you will be a great fit here! Whether you are a casual crafter, an avid RPer, or a serious PvPer, you will find like-minded players in TIG.


Balkan Force: Tomb of Freedon Nadd

Balkan Force: Tomb of Freedon Nadd

Guild name: BalkanForce
Server: Tomb of Freedon Nadd
Server type: EU, PvP
Faction: Empire
Play style: PvE and PvP
Contact person and email:
Sidheglerion – miroslav.p[at]psrepublika DOT com
Recruitment needs:
Any class and any level is most welcome, f2p or sub! Must be EX-YU citizen and 18+! Fill out our application form on
Ops Schedule:

Operations are scheduled at least once a week with info about date and time on forums and GMOTD in-game few days before the event!

Short summary:

Guild is formed the same day when guild system appeared on! It grows and grows every day rapidly! Guild main population is EX-YU citizens (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia) and everyone of us is over 18 years old with much experience in other games such as Guild Wars 2, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, StarCraft 1&2, World of Tanks, EVE Online, LOTRO, Battlefield 3, Diablo 3 and many more! That, and also the popularity of GW2, was the reason/s why we decided to create Balkan Gaming Community – community for gamers from EX-YU area, with 2 major games under it’s wings: SWTOR and GW2, with plans to expand further, cause many of us still play WoW, LoL, LOTRO, SC2, WoT and other games! Come and join us, we have cookies!

Guild name: Empire of TAW

Server: Tomb of Freedon Nadd

Server type: EU PvP

Faction: Empire

Play style: PvE

Guild site: TAW

Contact person and email:

Fiory ( Recruitment officer

Recruitment needs:

Currently looking for healers and Ranged DPS to fill up a few spots, we are almost ready to have 2 teams on the go also.

Ops Schedule: Sun:

19:00 GMT, Tuesday: 19:00 GMT + a few during the week for weeklies

Short summary:

TAW was founded almost 12 yrs ago and is a community of over 1700 members from across the globe, inc USA, UK, Romania, Germany, Sweden etc. Not just playing SWTOR but many other online games. We currently have Guilds on NA servers and EU servers. We are a very large and active Guild, always someone on TS to chat to and always people running HMs / ops for weeklys etc.

Recruitment Video: TAW Recruitment

Guild name: Odyssey

Server: Tomb of Freedon Nadd

Server type : EU, PvP

Faction: Republic

Play style: PvE

Contact person and email:

Guild Leader – Demian Officers – Galliant, Oratios, Boeotian

Recruitment needs:

Greek players regardless of class, playing style and experience welcome

Ops Schedule:

2 Progress , 1 Gearing and 1 Free for all operation per week @ 9pm Greece Time

Short summary:

Odyssey is the biggest and most active Republic Greek guild in SWTOR. We are focusing on PvE endgame content, even though we have PvP dedicated members, as well as casual members. Our main and constant aim is creating a fun and helpful community for all our members so they can have fun and enjoy SWTOR.


Guild name: Riders of the Empire

Server: Dalborra

Server type: Asia-Pacific, PVE

Faction: Empire

Play style:

Any play style, we will do anything that people want to do

Guild site: N/A at this time

Contact person and email:

Roarhide or look for other players in guild they can all invite (Email:

Recruitment needs:

Anyone at this time because we are only just starting out so we don’t need anything special

Ops Schedule (If applicable): N/A

Short summary :

<Riders of the Empire> is a new friendly guild that has only just begun so we are only small, but we are hoping to expand to higher forms. We are all friendly and will help out everyone in any way we can. We are a variety of different play styles but we will mainly be focusing on PVE and PVP, but we will also run FP with players who wish to run them. We will be setting up a website and a Mumble server when the guild gets a bit larger and we need it to run things like Warzones or FP and when we have some 50′s they can use it for Hardmodes, Storymodes and even Nightmare mode.

Guild name: Tasty
Server: Dalborra
Server type: Oceanic PVE
Faction: Empire
Play style: PVE
Guild site: or on Facebook
Contact person and email:
Chris cpsadler[at]
Recruitment needs:

All welcome to join our social guild, including F2P

Short summary:

Tasty is a guild built on strong foundations from other games with well over 2000 people between all guilds, in SWTOR we are small and starting out, all mature players welcome, FP’s, PVP and raids all planned for later.

Currently building ranks, looking for committed people for officer positions, basically building from ground up.

Guild name: Guardians of Nihilus

Server: Dalborra of the Asian Pacific

Server type: PVE

Faction: Empire

Play style : PVE and PVP

Contact person and email: (Darth Zota)

Recruitment needs:

All classes are welcome.

Ops Schedule :

New Guild, no op groups yet but looking to fill several core groups.

Short summary :

Guardians Of Nihilus is a highly social, active, mature, friendly guild with hilarious moments. We have members who are very fun to be around and a lot of them are keen for the guild’s future. We are at sixty members in just four days after the 30th of November, 2012. Guild masters are experienced in leaderships from previous guilds. We are working on extending the guilds future with operation, even creating Op groups. More will be updated.

Aussie Brutes

Guild name: Aussie Brutes

Server: Dalborra

Server type: Asia Pacific PVP

Faction: Empire

Play style: PvP and PvE

Contact person and email:


Recruitment needs:

We welcome all players of all classes and levels buy we are low on Healers/Merc and Ops and also we are low on tanks and Sniper DPS

Ops Schedule (If applicable): Friday and Sunday nights at 7:00PM AEDST that is for our Alpha and Bravo Teams we are starting a Charlie team soon and the raid times may change.

Short summary:

Aussie Brutes, We are a PvP and PvE based Guild running 2 Raid teams twice a week and one Ranked Warzones Team although the Ranked team is still not as grounded as we would like it to be. We are a very social and laid back guild that can still make progression in raids and have fun at the same time. We mostly Raid and PvP but also organise World boss Runs and other fun and social events such as PvP Duels, Dailies runs,flashpoints and Datacron Hunting. We have no age limit on joining AB but all members are mature, some of witch attend school and others work full time and have children. in summation we are a great guild to join if you are looking to make you time on SW:TOR more enjoyable.

Server: Dalborra
Server Type: Australasia, PVE
Play Style: PVE, Social
Contact Person and Email:
Jus’traana at
Recruitment Needs:
Any class is always welcome, and any level even if you’re not level fifty yet. SR is a safe place where no one should be made to feel uncomfortable. We have people of a variety of ages, in different countries, from different backgrounds and genders. As such, elitists, racists and bigots need not apply.
Ops Schedule:
Sunday: 8pm(WST-Sing)/11pm(EST)
Monday: 8:30pm(WST-Sing)/11:30pm(EST)
With guild nights Wednesday and Thursdsay 8:30pm(WST-Sing)/11:30pm(EST)
Shattered Redemption’s focus is on running ops whilst having a good time with good people. We have some PVPers and would welcome more. We would support anyone wanting to field an SR PVP team. We take raiding seriously but most of all we aim to make it enjoyable and ensure that all the guild members have fun. Other guild activities include datacron hunts, grouping for dailies, world boss hunts, grouping to level up, flash points, ugnaut hurling, hate crimes against Gunguns and putting up with our narcissistic main tank. Most of the SR guildies are genuine Star Wars fans. We have a number of members with young families so are understanding when someone suddenly needs to go afk because something’s crying or needs to be put back to bed. We’re happy to tutor people and help them learn the game and level up.


Phantom Squadron: The Bastion

Guild name: Phantom Squadron
Server: The Bastion
Server type: US-West, PvP
Faction: Republic
Play style: PvE
Contact person and email:
Guild Leader – Korsik In-Game Officer’s – Themrich, Theonejedi, Maximusdecimus, Tormentum
Recruitment needs :
Tanks, Healers, DPS, in that order. Gear not required as we run progression and casual ops.
Ops Schedule :
Wednesday & Thursday @ 7pst. Friday & Saturday @ 6pst. Sunday @ 3:30pst
Short summary :
We’re a heavy operation guild. We run both casual and progression runs. We curently have two teams running twice a week each, and then an extra day for everyone not on a team or looking to get gear to be on a team. Our casual raids have no obligation. Just getting experience and gear. Just show up and have fun when you can. No gear requirments as we usually have some heavy hitters running with the ops.
Free to play players welcome as our Casual Saturday raids will work well for them. Not obligation to pay for your weekly pass every week.

Our recent Hard Mode Kephess kill:

Methodical on The Bastion server.

Guild name: Methodical.

Server: The Bastion

Server type: US-West PVP

Faction: Republic

Play style:

We are PVE-focused, but many of our members enjoy PVP during non-raid times.

Contact person and email:

Methodical Officers can be contacted at MethodicalSWTOR[at]gmail DOT com but using the website is more efficient and effective.

Recruitment needs:

We will always consider talented, mature players who are a good fit for our guild culture.

What’s an exceptional applicant? A mature person who can write intelligent, well-formed sentences. Someone who has demonstrable experience in a progression raiding environment, and has the competitive mindset required to thrive in a limited schedule progression guild. The kind of person that will learn their class inside and out, not so they can brag about big numbers, but so they can help the team succeed on the most difficult content in the game.

Ops Schedule:

Operations are scheduled for 8-11pm PST Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We have set aside Sunday from 8-11pm PST as an additional optional raid time. Our general focus for scheduled group events is late evenings (PST) during weeknights, in keeping with our target membership’s real life obligations.


The guild roster is comprised of professionals, parents, and those seeking a mature, adult atmosphere with a history of high level success in end game content of previous MMOs. We are a high end, progression raiding guild for time constrained adults who are willing and able to perform at a hardcore level in a limited amount of raid time. This type of player is, unfortunately, a minority in the MMO community. In that light, recruitment is quite discerning, focusing on quality of recruits rather than quantity.

We enjoy an environment that’s mature, light-hearted, mutually respectful, and open to a variety of ideas and discussions. We definitely keep childish bigotry and insults out of guild chat and the forums (“gay” is not a pejorative, m’kay?). Don’t embarrass yourself, and by extension all of us, on official forums or server-wide chat channels, and generally don’t do anything sleazy, rotten, or illegal as it relates to the game. If you generally act like an intelligent, well-adjusted adult, you’ll fit in just fine with Methodical.


Methodical – Warlord Kephess Strategy Guide

As seen on TORWars: Galaxy of Guilds – Methodical.


Guild name: MilitaryGamers

Server: The Ebon Hawk

Server type: US-East, RP

Faction: Republic

Play style:

Social. All levels/classes/playstyles welcome.

Guild site:

Contact person and email:

Jerl (ingame)/Stray Tracer (website username).

Recruitment needs:

Welcome – for example) All roles welcome.

Ops Schedule:

Friday 2100 central – endgame content. Sunday 1900 central – lowbies/alts. Tuesday 2100 central – Wildcard run (whatever is needed.)

Short summar (one paragraph max 200 words):

MilitaryGamers is one branch of a larger organization created by and for US servicemembers. We are a tight-knit group composed of all military branches, including the Coast Guard, National Guard, and Reservists. Want to blow off steam ingame while talking about your latest fight with the VA clinic? Yeah, we get it. Need to be afk while you’re deployed? No problem; you’ll still be in the guild when you get back. We have members stationed all over the world. Come join your brothers- and sisters-in-arms. Military Gamers wants YOU.

Guild name: The Sand Panthers
Server: The Ebon Hawk
Server type (For example US-East, PVE): RP-PvE
Faction: Republic
Play style: PVE, RP
Contact person and email:
Vertan – invision1994[at]
Recruitment needs:
All roles for HM ops, all classes and levels for roleplaying (we have a dynamic and original storyline that really makes roleplaying fun!).
Short summary:
We’re a guild which was founded on Nov. 17, 2012, and though we’re brand new we’re quickly gaining momentum! The guild is founded with the goal of having a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere with as much freedom to members as possible (though we have rules against harassment, griefing, scamming, etc), and we are focused on roleplaying and operations to about an equal extent. We currently need all roles for an ops group which will hopefully start doing current-tier HM TFB once we get enough geared players (and/or NM EC), and we’re totally willing to work with fresh 50s to get geared up (we are by no means a hardcore guild, though we’re a little more focused than casual. ‘Moderate’.). For roleplaying, we have a very dynamic strategy that gives players lots of control and is designed to work so the ‘guild cannon’ can be added to by small groups working on subplots that deepen the overarching guild plot, or in larger groups such as our weekly RP sessions – we want it to fit every character you can come up with that isn’t a Mary Sue or a military general. (Our only major limitation is that no player can be above the rank of Lieutenant.).
Second Sith Empire

Wall of Guilds form:

Guild name: The Second Sith Empire

Server: The Ebon Hawk

Server type: US-East PVE-RP

Faction: Sith Empire

Play style: RP, PVE, PVP

Contact person and email:

Joseph Whalen (Yum’kimil in game)

Recruitment needs:

All are welcome

Ops Schedule :

Monday “Intro to Ops”, Wednesday and Thursday “Advanced Ops”, Flashpoint Fridays, Social Sundays, Monthly Events on Saturdays

Short summary: We are a community focused guild helping lower level players reach end game content, running end game players through progressive ops, building and gearing PVP players and helping with character building through RP. We run various entertainment events such as trivia, pod races, PvP tournaments and scavenger hunts just to keep things fun.

Guild name: The Crescent Order (Rep) TCO Imperium (Imp)

Server: The Ebon Hawk

Server type: US-East RP

Faction: Duel Faction Guild

Play style (RP. PVE, PVP):

Primarily a PvE Guild, but we also accept players that like to PVP and RP

Contact person and email:

In Game (Empire- Mannoxi, Hydrashock, or Brigglesworth) (Republic – Relon, Roas, or Unkk) or post something on the forums of our website.

Recruitment needs: We are recruiting all classes at this time.

Ops Schedule:

Our raiding schedule and calendar can be located at The Crescent Order Raiding Forum

Short summary:

A casual guild with a hardcore streak, we strive to provide a home for all types of gamers, including RPers, raiders, PvPers, questers, chatters, crafters, and altaholics. We are founded on the simple principles of respect, fair gameplay, fun, community, low drama, helping as much as you are helped, bonding on the forums, and family-friendly interactions. We handle disputes maturely, and officers work very hard to keep drama to a minimum. TCO is intended to be a fun, welcoming, and respectful place for all, without discrimination based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, etc. We have members ranging in age from 17-70 from all walks of life and from all over the globe, though we rarely bring in people under 18. Established in the year 2001 to play Star Wars Galaxies (SWG), TCO has evolved to become a multi-game guild, and has been engaged in EverQuest2 (EQ2), World of Warcraft (WoW), EVE, Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO), and many others. Throughout its evolution, one bar has remained constant for the group: The over-riding goal of creating and maintaining a fun atmosphere, conducive to the ongoing success and enjoyment of its membership.

5th Column on The Ebon Hawk

Guild name: Galactic Fifth Column

Server: The Ebon Hawk

Server type: US-East, RP-PVE

Faction: Galactic Republic (Section Alpha), Sith Empire (Section Gamma).

Play style: RP

Guild site:

Contact person and email:

Kreighton (in-game), WLB (enjin), johnnymedlar[at]meDOTcom (email).

Recruitment needs:


Ops Schedule:


Short summary:

The Galactic Fifth Column is a monolithic conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence. Over the years, the GFC has amassed vast sentient and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. The Fifth Column was originally founded by dissident Jedi, soldiers, and freelancers who broke ties with the Republic to bypass the Treaty of Coruscant. The Fifth Column of today consists of a small but deadly force of elite specialists, codenamed Section Alpha, supported by a massive interplanetary network of sympathizers, informants, and guerrillas. There are even rumors of Sith Lords, Imperial Agents, and Mandalorians secretly swearing allegiance to the Imperial wing of the Column, Section Gamma. “The corrupt fear us. The misguided oppose us. The honest support us. The heroic join us. We are the Galactic Fifth Column.”

Guild video:


Why choose us?


Guild name: Darkmeld.

Server: The Ebon Hawk.

Server type : US-EST RP/PVE.

Faction: Empire.

Play style :

Mainly PvE/PvP, with a few RP members.

Contact person and email:

Ismalia/Hebe bohbohchan[at]gmail DOT com.

Recruitment needs:

DPS – high, tanks – mid to high, healers – low to mid.

Ops Schedule:

As of now, Saturday nights are EV starting at 9 pm and running no later than midnight. Sunday evenings are KP, usually starting at 7 or 8 pm. Sunday raids may be changed to Friday night.


Darkmeld is a relaxed guild that is drama free and very helpful. We have a group of level 50s willing to help people out and we work to gear people up in HMs so that they may participate with us in Ops if they so choose. We like to have fun and joke around. PvP goes on almost every night. We have a core group of people in BM/WH gear that make up ranked teams, but we also participate in pre-50 WZs on alts and non-ranked matches. Dailies, HMs, and regular flashpoints are done on a daily basis for those who want/need them.

Thirteenth Legion on The Ebon Hawk server

Guild name: The Thirteenth Legion.

Server: The Ebon Hawk.

Server type: US-East, RP.

Faction: Republic.

Play style: RP.

Contact person and email:

Paige (in game as Rakkaa) scorpienne[at]gmail DOT com.

Recruitment needs: Any.


The Thirteenth Legion’s mission is to share good roleplaying experiences and help members in conquering PVE instances while maintaining an out-of-game atmosphere of friendship and civility.

Our backstory is that we were a unit of republic troopers that were tasked with fighting a suicidal holding mission to delay the Sith and their Mandalorian mercenaries so the Senate could flee to safety during the sack of Coruscant. While the Legion was barely successful, extensive losses have forced the Legion to recruit Jedi and “independent shipping captains”. Then we’re going to take it back to the Sith, and the bucketheads, for some revenge!

Guild benefits include rich RP environment, 4 character slots, opportunities for Empire-side play, frequent scheduled events, 50 slot Mumble server, active ad-free website, and a generous guild bank.

We only have three rules, which are: be nice, be here, and be active. That means members are expected to follow the guild code of conduct, to play their Legion characters more than other characters, and to log into the game and the forums monthly.

An epic guide from the Republic POV

An epic guide from the Republic POV

Malediction: The Ebon Hawk

Malediction: The Ebon Hawk

Guild name: Malediction
Server: The Ebon Hawk
Server type: RP – PVE
Faction: Empire
Play style: PVE
Contact person and email:

Recruitment needs:

PvE Players of ALL levels! We specialize in PvE but welcome PvP and RP players as well. Alt Friendly Guild!

Ops Schedule:

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday = 7:00pm to 1:00am Eastern US. We do provide sign ups on our forums, however signing up does not guarantee someone a spot and is not required, just helps us organize who plans on attending. We do not have set groups which allows us to gear up ALL our members and still progress at a good pace. Our sister Republic guild <Republic Vanguards> Has Operations Thursday – Sunday allowing us to hopefully have operations going 7 days a week.

Short summary:
Malediction is a PvE focused guild with a community of friends and family. We have our Republic sister guild Republic Vangaurds available ( You can participate as little or as much as you like. We ask no swearing in guild chat. Daily groups, Hard Mode Flashpoint groups, and Leveling alts are what we enjoy while not engaging in operations. Come join the fun!

Bane guild on The Ebon Hawk.

Guild name: Bane.

Server: The Ebon Hawk.

Server type: RP US-East.

Faction: Empire.

Play style: Primarily PVE.

Contact person and email:

Susan Moses, Suzinadirs[at]gmail DOT com.

Recruitment needs:

We seek mature players. We recruit people, not classes.

Ops Schedule:

We always do ops on Tuesday and Saturday at 8pm EST. A 3rd ops night is more flexible, currently 9:30EST Thursday.


Bane is a close-knit guild with players that enjoy Operations, Flashpoints, and PVP. We believe the game is more fun with friends. We strive to foster an accepting and encouraging environment that fosters friendship and good times. Efforts are taken to make each and every Bane member feel valued. When you truly value your guild mates, it shows both in-game and out.

Bane Recruitment video

Bane is the guild of TORWars writer Susan Moses who runs the Sith Inquisitor column!


Warpigs - Jedi Covenant

Warpigs – Jedi Covenant

Guild name: Warpigs
Server: Jedi Covenant
Server type (For example US-East, PVE): US-East, PvE
Faction: Republic
Play style (RP. PVE, PVP): PvE
Contact person and email:

foevaagamer (at) gmail (dot) com

Recruitment needs:
 All classes welcome
Ops Schedule :

Guild event nights Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays 9pm EST/6pm PST

Short summary:

Warpigs TOR Guild is an evening scheduled guild for working professionals to game and relax with other working professionals at days end. Our members are not required to participate in any aspect of a game if they do not enjoy it. We never lose sight of the single most important aspect of gaming: FUN! After all, one of the primary reasons to join a guild is to make friends and have people that you know to enjoy gaming with. It is important to note that we are a casual Guild: we hold many activities to ensure all of our members remain a part of our community and get to interact with each another regularly. We do not make being in a guild a second job nor do we frown upon anyone who can’t make every scheduled guild event or be in voice chat 24/7. We fully understand the need for prioritization in people’s lives as many of us have families and obligations outside of the game ourselves. As such, we are very understanding of people’s time: we do not require our members to log in daily and spend hours online, participate in X number of raids, etc. We hold event nights Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights starting at 9pm EST/6pm PST and usually go for about 3 hours give or take. Activities done are determined by members present which can be anything from levelling parties to datacron hunts to Flashpoints.

Driven to Conquer: Jedi Covenant

Driven to Conquer: Jedi Covenant

Guild name: Driven to Conquer

Server: Jedi Covenant

Server type: US-East, PVE


Imps (the real good guys)

Play styl (RP. PVE, PVP): PvE

Contact person and email:

Zyralon or Wyralon, send me an in game mail.

Recruitment needs:

We are mainly looking for people to fill out our raid teams. We need those that are level 50 or close to it.

Healers: LOW

Tanks: HIGH

DPS: Moderate

Ops Schedule:

Fluctuates, based on who can make it.

Short summary:

We are looking to field a 2nd and 3rd raid team. What we are really hurting for right now are tanks that are not just alts of current members. We use Teamspeak to communicate and have multiple channels. We currently have our first raid team that is a designed to be a 16 man, but it can change as the needs change.

A Jill Sandwich: Jedi Covenant

A Jill Sandwich: Jedi Covenant

Guild name: A Jill Sandwich

Server: Jedi Covenant

Server type: Us-East PVE

Faction: Republic

Play style: PvE

Contact person and email:

Recruitment needs:
High: Ranged DPS. Low: Everything else
Ops Schedule:

Tuesday & Sunday 8-11pm Eastern. Might add a new day if we get enough new recruits to run a 16 man.

Short summary:

AJill Sandwich has been around since day one of Early Access. We are between casual and hardcore raiding. We maintain a casual schedule of raiding 2 nights a week, but take our raids very seriously. We have been successful in clearing content. We are 5/5 Hard Mode TFB, and 1/4 Nightmare Mode E.C. We recently lost a few members due to personal issues and we are now recruiting to help fill out our 16 man raid. We can help gear you up so long as you take raiding seriously. We are a fun group of people who enjoy clearing content. Hope to hear from you soon.

Space Odyssey 2007

Guild name: Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Server: Jedi Covenant

Server type: PVE US-East

Faction: Empire

Play style: PVE

Contact person and email:

Fremoc, or message me on Fremoc in game

Recruitment needs:

Anyone is welcome

Ops Schedule:

Our Ops schedule is on our calendar on

Short summary:

We are a club that spawned in the late 1990s from Tie Fighter and X-Wing. Over the years we evolved to more of a Star Wars fiction based club that has a gaming component. With the release of ToR our members have returned to gaming and our club membership has increased significantly over the last year.

For more information about our club go here, and if you just want to join our guild go for it!

Sith Code

Guild name: Sith Code

Server: Jedi Covenant

Server type: US-East, PVE

Faction: Imperial

Play style:

PVE and some sub-50 PVP on our lowbie guild <Workíng as Intended>

Contact person and email:

Bill McClellan, (Mesiah, Amurica, or Dragged in-game)

Recruitment needs:

All classes welcome! We need sorcerer healers most, but the more the merrier

Ops Schedule:

8.30PM server time, weekends for progression raids

Short summary:

<Sith Code> is a PvE progression guild, currently with an active membership and we’re recruiting! We are looking to start 16-man content now. We raid 830PM Server time/EST most days. Our membership is pretty dedicated, and most know current operations from different role perspectives (e.g. dps, heals, tank). We’re recruiting all roles. If you’ve got alts, that’s great since most of us have more than one lvl 50. Nearly every night we get together, whether it’s for weekly sm ops, lowbie pvp, or progression raids. We rarely if ever use pugs. It’s not a requirement to be on at all times- everyone understands that real life happens. But you will be included if you come on- we are a friendly group and super active members don’t mind sitting out so you can come along. We are an inclusive guild that strongly supports and respects one another. Most guildies are 21+. So we’re here to have fun and socialize but also get the job done once it’s go time. If you’re mature, willing to learn, and want to progress with a tightly knit group- talk with us. Message Amurica, Mesiah, Axhamm, or Zheng’qi in-game. Hope to hear from you!


Guild name: Transcéndent

Server: Jedi Covenant

Server type: US-East, PVE

Faction: Empire

Play style:

PVE Focused, PVP during non-operation times.Guild site:

Contact person and email:

Recruitment needs:

Tanks: High – Healers: Med – DPS: Low & welcome

Ops Schedule:

3 OPS teams – 8 person each week

· Team 1 8-man: Friday 8:30–11:00pm & Sunday 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm >> Progression focused & filled

· Team 2 8-man: Thursday 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm

· Team 3 8-man: Tuesday 8:30 pm – 11:00 pm

· 16 Player 2x/month: Saturdays 8:00 pm – 10:30pm


Transcéndent is a community formed with the goal of improving your gaming experience. We strive to provide a supportive and fun environment, organized weekly events, and clear organized policy to prevent drama and elitism. Our roster is dominantly comprised of professionals, parents, couples, mature members active multiple times a week in game and within Mumble. The community frequently enjoys non-discriminatory humor that occasionally borders risqué. Our ideal applicants are mature, respectful, intelligent, and skilled players that understand the importance of balance between gaming and life. Transcéndent strikes a unique balance between a casual gaming and progression guild. Half the week we PvP, run dailies, etc. together. As scheduled Operations events arrive, mains switch to mission-mode with laser-like focus as half our Operation Teams are progression driven and require players whom are engaged in learning their class very well to help the team succeed against the elite end game content.

The White Citadel

Guild name: The White Citadel

Server: Jedi Covenant

Server type: US East PVE

Faction: Republic

Play style:PVE, some PVP

Contact person and email:

Teurion transam4350 at yahoo dot com

Recruitment needs:

Recruiting all ranks currently for HM ops and some pvp

Ops Schedule:

Thurs and Fri 7-10 eastern

Short summary:

We are an adult orientated guild that focuses on end game raiding. We are casual, easy going people.

We are all friendly bunch helping eachother out for all levels. We aren’t hardcore, but work hard on endgame, and understand real life comes first.

Everyone is friends with eachother, no drama, a tight knit group of people looking for fun and friends online. Hope to hear from people looking for same.

Valco on Jedi Covenant

Guild name: Valco.

Server: Jedi Covenant.

Server type: US-East PVE.

Faction: Empire.

Play style:

PVE w/ Light PVP & Light RP.

Contact person and email:

PM Leadership on guild website.

Recruitment needs:

All classes welcome. In need of Tanks and Healers.

Ops Schedule:

Weekly ops runs mostly on Saturdays. Day subject to change.


VALCO is dedicated to insuring that all guild members reach their full entertainment potential in the game. This will be accomplished by keeping the in guild drama low, by having a high level of cooperation among characters of different levels, and by having many fun guild events while making attendance to any guild event not mandatory. We strongly believe that real life is the most important thing to all of us. We know life happens, and no guild or game should expect you to suffer for taking care of whatever matters most in your own life. While we strive for success in all our divisions, we understand life’s obligations. WE DO NOT WANT THE GAME TO START FEELING LIKE A JOB.

Valco Recruitment video

Valco was featured on TORWars in Galaxy of Guilds on August 10, 2011.

Jedi Academy on The Jedi Covenant and The Red Eclipse servers

Guild name: The Jedi Academy.

Server: Jedi Covenant (US) and The Red Eclipse (EU).

Server type:

PvE, US-East and PvE, EU (respectively).

Faction: Republic.

Play style:

PvE and PvP (both guilds).

Contact person and email:

r2d2arm[at]gmail DOT com for US; sirbetamax[at]live DOT co DOT uk for EU. In-Game: Yajard (US) and Emrys (EU).

Recruitment needs:

US – Healers: High, Tanks: Medium, DPS: Welcome.

EU – Tanks: High, DPS: Welcome, Healers: Low.

Ops Schedule:

US – Still gearing up for ops with HMs.

EU – Saturdays, 8 PM GMT +1


The Jedi Academy (TJA) was originally founded in 2002 as a gaming community centered around the Jedi Knight gaming series. The community is international, with a large group of players in both the US and Europe. We have both a US and EU SWTOR guild. We offer a relaxed social atmosphere but also cater to players that want to challenge themselves with the hardest content in the game. Both guilds organize weekly events such as Datacron Hunts, PvP Sessions, Empire Days, and World Boss Beatdowns. One of our goals is to incorporate training sessions and classes to make ourselves a true “Academy,” which we were like for the Jedi Knight gaming series. Please contact us in-game or visit our website to find out more about our community!

The Jedi Academy was featured on TORWars in the Galaxy of Guilds on May 02, 2012.


Seal of TAW

Guild name: The Art of Warfare (TAW<Republic of TAW> <Empire of TAW>
Server: U.S. Players: Prophecy of the Five
Server type: US-East, PVP
Faction: Republic and Empire
Play style: PVE, PVP
Contact person and email:,

Recruitment needs:
Ops Schedule:
Sunday - Weekly Meeting and Event on TS3 9PM EST,
Mon/Wed - PvP nights,
Tue/Thu - PvE Operation Nights,

Fri/Sat - Casual Groups, Midnight Operation Groups

Short summary:
The Art of Warfare online gaming community has been around since 2001, with more than 2,500 members playing over 20 games of all genres, from FPS, RTS, MOBA, and of course MMORPGs. In SWTOR we have been around since launch (originally from The Fatman server) and have two healthy sister guilds here on Prophecy of the Five: <Republic of TAW> and <Empire of TAW>. We also have an EU Empire guild on The Tomb of Freedon Nadd server. We have a large community of players and our guilds are strongly grounded in teamwork and friendship. Every member is treated equally and with respect, and we have a wide range of people coming from all walks of life. If you are looking for a family atmosphere but still want to get down to business, you’ve found your new SWTOR home.

Prestige QC - Prophecy of the Five

Prestige QC – Prophecy of the Five

Guild name: Prestige QC

Server: Prophecy of the Five

Server type: US-East PvP

Faction: Empire

Play style: PvE and some PvP

Contact person and email: Reevs – synizer[at]gmail DOT com

Recruitment needs:

Open to all French Canadian players looking for a guild / Ouvert à tout les joueurs Québécois qui veulent joindre une guilde.

Short summary:


Prestige QC is a French Canadian guild that was created after the first server transfer (Veela –> Prophecy of the Five). Most of the players are from Empire QC, Empire du Lys Noir and Lune Noire on Veela. We are mainly a PvE guild with some PvP dedicated players among us.  Prestige QC est une guilde Québécoise qui s’est formée après la première fusion des serveurs (Veela –> Prophecy of the Five). Une bonne partie de nos membres viennent des guildes Empire QC, <Empire du Lys Noir> et Lune Noire du serveur Veela. Nous somme principalement une guilde PvE avec quelques joueurs dédié au PvP.



Brothers of Agression - Prophecy of the Five

Brothers of Agression – Prophecy of the Five

Guild name: Brothers of Aggression

Server: Prophecy of the Five

Server type: US-East, PVP


Imperial (We also have a small republic guild that we are starting)

Play style:

Our main focus at the moment is PVE; however we are working on our PVP gear to start a dedicated WZ team.

Contact person and email:

Dieheart: jjt879[at]yahoo DOT com

Recruitment needs:

We are open to all classes. We currently have one active Ops group team and want to get a second one up and running.

Ops Schedule:

We currently conduct our Ops Wednesdays and Sundays at 8 PM EST.

Short summary:

Brothers Of Aggression is a multi-gaming community within the Eastern Timezone. We fill the sweet spot in between hardcore and casual. We have been a running community since late 1999. Having fun is our priority. Brothers Of Aggression is currently spread over several genre’s from World Of Warcraft, Battlefield 3, War Z, and Mech Warrior just to name a few. Everyone is welcome to check out our main site, even if you don’t plan on joining. Thanks for reading and look forward to gaming with you all!

Guild name: Sanctus
Server: Prophecy of the Five
Server type: US-East, PVE
Play style: PVE/PVP
Contact person and email:

Recruitment needs:
Anyone is welcome, but if joining for raiding purposes (Healers: High, Tanks: Medium, RDPS: Medium, MDPS: Medium)
Ops Schedule:
Thursday/Monday at 9:00 PM EST & Open Raid Nights on Saturday/Sunday
Short summary:
Sanctus was originally Serenity on Helm of Graush as a Pre-Launch guild. Sanctus has grown and changed from its founding and we like to think with each changes comes new hope. Sanctus currently hold 8 Nightmare Server First titles and look to continue this in the future. As the game has changed Sanctus has changed from a hardcore raiding guild to a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a large social aspect. We now have a variety of members in all the level ranges that enjoy doing WZs, FPs, and leveling together. If you are looking into taking down the newest content or just wanting to find someone to play through this great game with we have a place for you at Sanctus. Thank you.

Guild name: Transcendence

Server: Prophecy of the Five

Server type: PvP

Faction: Republic

Play styl (RP. PVE, PVP): PVP

Contact person and email:

Jacob Hausman ….. hausman dot jacob at gmail dot com

Recruitment needs:

Recruiting all level/classes for people looking to do competitive Ranked Warzones or PVP primarily.

Ops Schedule:

7 to 10pm Central weekdays, and 7pm till Midnight Saturday night

Short summary:

Transcendence is a guild forged by passionate, like minded gamers who enjoy a balance between competitive and non-competitive play, while maintaining a rewarding social environment for all to enjoy. Our primary mission is to become a top 10 Player vs. Player guild on Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR). With PvE and PvP content happening weekly, anyone can fit into our guild and enjoy the game!

Transcendence 2v2 PvP tournament


Guild Name: Zen Warriors (aka Zen) 

Server: The Harbinger

Server type: US-West, PVE

Faction: Republic

Contact person and e-mail:

Thros (Guild Leader), geraldhuml[at]msn DOT com.

Recruitment needs:

Tanks are needed most, followed by healers, followed by ranged dps, but all classes and levels are welcomed.

Ops Schedule:

Fridays @ 7:00 PM Pacific Time & Sundays @ 5:00 PM PT traditionally. However, we have temporarily suspended Zen led ops until the 2.0 expansion comes out in April 2013. Members still wishing to do ops may sign up for them through our guild alliance with The Elder Knights guild.


A nine-year-old guild originally formed on the Flurry server in Star Wars Galaxies, Zen Warriors is a casual guild founded on the principles of fun, friends, laughs, and helping others. We are a smallish, close-knit, ragtag group of guys and gals looking to expand our ranks by welcoming new members and enjoying the game together. It is probably fair to describe us as a casual PVE progression guild with a focus on operations and flashpoints (raiding), but we also enjoy other aspects of the game such as crafting, space combat, leveling alts, and some PVP. Though Zen Warriors is a Republic guild, we also have a smaller sister guild called Zen Exiles for those interested in leveling Empire alts. Prospective new members should be mature, respectful, and drama-free. Members wishing to do raiding with our alliance guild The Elder Knights must be age 21 or older. If you have questions about our guild or wish to join us, please contact Thros ingame, e-mail him at the e-mail address referenced above, or submit an application on our guild website. Thanks!

MLP Friendship is Magic

Guild name: MLP Friendship is Magic

Server: The Harbinger

Server type: PvE West Coast

Faction: Republic

Play style:

PvE mainly, PvP whenever possible

Contact person and email:


Recruitment needs:

Any role and level is welcome, low on DPS/Tank Guardians, DPS Sages, DPS Scoundrels, DPS Vanguards and DPS/Tank Shadows

Ops Schedule:

Gearing/Commendations – Tue, Wed and Sun 2-6 Western. Progression – Fri and Sat 6-9 Western.

Short summary:

The guild was founded in hopes that it will be able to spread love and tolerance throughout the community while completing top tier PvE content. The guild goals aren’t to be the largest, or the best, but to be a place where people can come in and have fun while playing the game (like so: link). It is also going to be used as a place for bronies (My Little Pony Friendship is Magic fans) to gather and meet other bronies. You of course don’t need to be a fan of My Little Pony to join the guild, the only requirement to membership is signing up on this website and our forums. The forums serve as a place for our guild to kick back and relax outside of the Star Wars: The Old Republic site and game, allowing us to more fully express our interest for ponies, share experiences of other games, ask one another for help in-game, and plan future guild events. With that in mind I hope you come and join us, we would love to have you as a part of our community. Just remember, love and tolerate while you are here. Progression 5/5 HM TFB 8 man.

Killing HM TFB and chatting about rubbish

Stim Junkiez on The Harbinger

Guild name: Stim Junkiez.

Server: The Harbinger

Server type: US-West, PVE.

Faction: Republic.

Play style: PVP/PVE.

Contact person and email:

Drasaari (huusch01[at]luther DOT edu)

Recruitment needs:

Healers: somewhat high, Tanks & DPS welcome.

Ops Schedule:

Ops Progression – Thursdays @ 9:00PM; Hardmode grind – nightly; PVP (low & high level) teams grind – nightly; Low-Level FPs – Tuesday Nights @8:00 PM.


Stim Junkiez is an active community of gamers who cater to the hardcore and casual gamer. We are primarily focused on PVP but like to explore all aspects/content the game has to offer. Recently transferred from Kaiburr Crystal, SJ has been working to rebuild, renew, and reinvigorate our gaming community. We are a small-medium sized guild and growing and have recently started expanding into end-game content. That being said, if you are serious about leveling and/or have a freshly maxxed level character, now would be the perfect time to join! We have teams that players of all levels and experiences can join for tackling all types of content including: HC (Hardcore) PVE team for ops and Hardmodes, Pro PVP (Lv. 50) for ranked and unranked Warzones, and Varsity & Jr. Varsity PvP teams for low level players to name a few. Addidtionally, our website is VERY active (calendar & forums) and we use Ventrilo for just about every mundane guild activity you can think of. Join us for some Old Republic fun!

Guild video:

Stim Junkiez Vs. Annihilation Droid

The Elder Knights on The Harbinger


Guild name: The Elder Knights.

Server: The Harbinger.

Server type: US-West, PVE.

Faction: Republic.

Play style: PVE and PVP.

Contact person and email:

Magias, jreitmayer[at]gmail DOT com.

Recruitment needs:

Healers, Central and East Coast Players, Any adults.

Ops Schedule:

Friday, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 8pm CDT.


The Elder Knights is a guild of 21 and up adult gamers who enjoy just the game. We prefer adults that just enjoy gaming together without the drama that the younger generations can bring on. We treat our guild as extremely exclusive to adults only. We enjoy PVP, PVE, Raiding and lots of alts. Check out our website for a better description.


WOOK Guild Logo

WOOK Guild Logo

Guild name: WOOK

Server: The Shadowlands

Server type: US-East, PVE

Faction: Republic

Play style (RP. PVE, PVP): Balanced

Guild site:

Contact person and email:

Bam – wookguild[at]gmail dot com

Recruitment needs: All players with good attitudes welcome

Ops Schedule:

Nightly at 9PM Eastern

Short summary:

We are a themed guild that pays homage to our favorite people, the Wookiees and fits comfortably in the Shadowlands. We provide all levels of game experience for every type of player; casual players, end game raiders, as well as competitive PvP. We adhere to a code of conduct that revolves around sportsmanship, friendliness, and respect.

WOOK Life Day Celebration Video

IMPerial HeadeR 4

Guild name: Ascendancy of Korriban

Server: The Shadowlands

Server type: US – East PVE

Faction: Imperial

Play style:

Casual to Moderate players, PVE (Main Focus) PVP (Lower Focus)

Contact person and email:

Thomas (Harathos in game) Email: or any in game Officer

Recruitment needs:

For recruitment we are currently always looking for new, fun and active players to join our community. We have 4 Ops groups currently running weekly and for those we need dedicated tanks and healers. DPS welcome but spots are slim pickings for those.

Ops Schedule:

Sunday: 16 Man Story Mode EV/KP at 8:30 – 11:30 PM EST – Tuesday: Second HM 8 Man Ops group HM EV/KP 8:30 – 11:30 PM EST – Wednesday: 8 Man SM (soon to be HM) TFB 8:30 – 11:30 PM EST – Thursday: Third 8 Man SM Ops EV/KP 8 – 12pm EST – Saturday: Fourth 8 Man SM Ops EV/KP 8:30 – 11:30 pm EST

Short summary:

Ascendancy of Korriban has gotten a refresh since the launch of Free to Play. We are about our community first and the content second. We welcome all players but are mainly a group of casual to moderate players. We focus on Operations groups and Flashpoints mainly, and a pinch of PVP when we can. Since free to play we have focused on the kind of members we add and how we can help them play the game and offer up more fun events for our players. If you are looking for a fun time check us out on or ask an officer in game for info. Raids times posted in this post. Have fun! – Harathos

Carnage Gaming on The Shadowlands

Guild name: Carnage Gaming

Server: The Shadowlands

Server type : US-East, PVE

Faction: Republic

Play style:

PVE, semi-hardcore.

Contact person and email:

Nibbin nibbon[at]gmail DOT com

Recruitment needs:

Please see this link for recruitment needs as it is constantly kept updated. In general looking for dedicated raiders, but also accept PVPers/casuals.

Ops Schedule:

Also on link – but we maintain multiple raid groups. Our core 16 raid group will raid on Tuesday-Thursday (if necessary) from 7:30pm EST – 11:30pm EST. While we tend to have raids on Fridays – the only other set raid is an 8 man on Sunday raiding from 7-11pm EST.

Short summary:

Carnage is a raiding guild and was founded by dedicated mature raiders with the determination to conquer all end game content. Our guild consists of seasoned raiders who work well together and enjoy challenges. Carnage Gaming is a multi-game guild currently spanning WoW, Guild Wars, and Diablo 3, but is primarily a SWTOR guild..

Bastion of Darkness on The Shadowlands

Guild name: Bastion of Darkness.

Server: The Shadowlands

Server type: US-East, PVE.

Faction: Empire.

Play style:

PVE, for the most part Darkside.

Contact person and email:

Anthony – highlite23[at]comcast DOT net.

Recruitment needs:

Healers: High, Tanks: Med, DPS: Welcome (Always in need of the right members, regardless of class).

Ops Schedule:

Friday @ 9 Est/ 8 Cnt and Sunday at 8 Est/ 7 Cnt.


Our guild is based on a few simple ideas. We explore as much game content as there is available, be it Flashpoints, Heroic Quests, Achievements, World Bosses and Operations. We are a casual PvE guild catering to MMO and SWTOR fans with limited time, we have scheduled events to help members manage gaming and real life better, but you will usually find members in game every day. We pride ourselves in working together and helping all of our members move forward at their own pace and most importantly, having fun doing so. Ultimately we have a big guild mentality as far as having structure, progression and goals, but a more flexible schedule to obtain those goals. Real life does affect all of our members, be it work, school or children, but there is a way to still enjoy the game to its fullest, and that’s what we try to offer. We are comprised of real life friends, family and in game friends and welcome new friends on a regular basis. We are currently running HM Operations and building a second Story Mode Ops group through multiple Flashpoint groups running HM’s to acquire gear.

Guild video:

Bastion of Darkness – Join the Fight!

Covenant of the Phoenix on Krayt Dragon

Guild name: Covenant of the Phoenix.

Server: The Shadowlands.

Server type: PVE US-East.


Main guild is Republic, but have a casual play sister guild on Empire side.

Play style: PvE.

Contact person and email:

Joe joe9216[at]yahoo DOT com.

Recruitment needs:

Any class, any level are welcome! Visit our recruitment thread.

Ops Schedule:

Wednesday nights and Sunday nights Ops with various start times and various locations. Also have weekly Datacron hunts, and guild fun events on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as Monday evening Imperial nights (fun guild event dedicated to Empire sister guild).


Covenant of the Phoenix is a multi gaming community that has been around since September 2000 with chapters in; AC-DT, SWG, CoV, Guild Wars, EQ2, LotRo, AoC, Vanguard, WoW, DFO-NA, DFO-EU, RoM, EVE, Dawntide, Fallen Earth, Mortal Online, Final Fantasy XIV, Rift, and more. The guild was founded on the principles of loyalty, honor, and brotherhood and thrives because on-line adventure games are more fun in the company of kindred spirits. Our membership ranges in age from teens to the comfortably retired and geographically spans the globe. Most of us have jobs or college commitments and families, and therefore we support the premise that real-life has priority over game-life. So power gaming isn’t required. While we may be a multi gaming guild, we have always taken strides to maintain that close knit family oriented feeling that is often associated only with smaller guilds. We have an expansive forum, as well as Mumble VoIP.

CotP Recruitment for SWTOR

The Covenant of the Phoenix was featured on TORWars in the Galaxy of Guilds on August 17, 2011.

How do you get YOUR guild up on the Wall of Guilds? It’s simple, just follow these instructions:

Copy the form below and fill in the blanks. Then email it to Alice[at]TORWars DOT com and your guild’s recruitment ad will be added to the Wall.

Wall of Guilds form:

Guild name:


Server type (For example US-East, PVE):


Play style (RP. PVE, PVP):

Guild site:

Contact person and email:

Recruitment needs: (Healers: High, Tanks: Low, DPS: Welcome &lt;- for example)

Ops Schedule (If applicable):

Short summary (one paragraph max 200 words):

Optional: Guild video link

Optional: 1 picture/guild header/screenshot

[If you want to see what else Alice is getting up to, take a trip over to Gamersaurs, a place for news, reviews and articles on games of all shapes and sizes!]uu


von Alice Wilkes am So, 23. Jun 2013 12:27:48


Das sind die Droiden, die ihr sucht!

C-3PO, R2-D2, HK-51, Mausdroiden, die Liste könnten wir unendlich so weiter führen. Und da wir die kleinen und großen künstlichen Lebensformen im Star Wars Universum schon immer total faszinierend fanden, möchten wir euch heute mitnehmen auf eine Reise zu den Droiden aus Star Wars.

Dabei nehmen wir uns einige der wichtigsten Gruppen an Droiden vor, vom Astromech, über die medizinischen Droiden, Protokolldroiden bis hin zu der großen Gruppe an Kampfdroiden. Wenn ihr also auch ein Herz für die teils fiepsenden, teils redenden und teils einfach schießenden Roboter habt, dann wünschen wir euch nun viel Spaß mit unserer Zusammenstellung.

Haben wir eurer Meinung nach einen wichtigen Droiden oder einen wichtigen Droiden-Typ vergessen? Dann schreibt es uns in die Kommentare oder das Forum und wir holen es gerne nach. Und welcher ist euer Lieblings-Droide?

Auf zu den Droiden aus Star Wars »

von MrJones am So, 23. Jun 2013 09:00:54

Samstag, 22. Juni 2013


SWTOR Verwirrung um Kopfgeldjäger Event

SWTOR Verwirrung um Kopfgeldjäger EventMomentan herrscht einige Verwirrung in der SWTOR Gemeinde. Grund dafür ist das kommende Kopfgeldjäger-Event. Der Name ist recht irreführend. Daher kein Wunder, dass einige Spieler bereits darüber spekulieren, ob dieses Event ausschließlich für Kopfgeldjäger sein wird.

Statement von Bioware

Bioware gab bekannt, dass man eigentlich nicht vor hatte das Event direkt nach einer Klasse zu benennen. Natürlich wird das Event für alle Spieler zugänglich sein, egal ob Kopfgeldjäger, Sith oder Jedi. Jede Klasse kann daran teilnehmen.

Das Ganze ist eigentlich ein großes Missverständnis, denn der Name des Events ist nicht Kopfgeldjäger-Event, sondern schlicht Kopfgeld-Auftragswoche.

Zum Schluss hat Eric Musco noch 2 neue Screenshots präsentiert, Rüstungen, welche Ihr mit dem kommenden Event bekommen könnt.

Kopfgeldjäger Rüstung 1Diese Rüstung könnt Ihr über das kommende Kopfgeld-Auftragswoche-Event bekommen.

Kopfgeldjäger Rüstung 2Ebenfalls ist diese Rüstung während des Events erhältlich.

von Kabash am Sa, 22. Jun 2013 15:04:51


Who shot first #19 – Der Preis der Star Wars Fanliebe

In unserer neuen Ausgabe von Who shot first beschäftigen wir uns mal mit einem Thema, etwas abseits von SWTOR. Denn die Star Wars Celebration steht vor der Tür und es gibt ein Thema, dass die Gemüter trotz des heißen Wetters noch weiter erhitzen kann: Der Preis der Fanliebe. Und so wirft Meiou diesmal einen Blick auf die Foto- und Autogrammpreise der Messe und fragt sich, ob man als echter Fan eigentlich dafür bezahlen sollte, oder nicht.

Denn bei bis zu 120€ pro Autogramm, Plus noch einmal 70€ für ein Foto mit eurem Star geht mal schnell das ein oder andere Ersparte drauf. Für manche handelt es sich hier vielleicht um eine gute Geldanlage, für andere platzt damit der Traum, einmal die Unterschrift von Hamill, Fischer oder McDiamid ihr Eigen nennen zu können. Und wie immer laden wir euch dabei natürlich auch zur Diskussion ein und möchten von euch wissen, was ihr von solch doch recht happigen Preisen haltet?

Who shot first #19 gibt es hier zu lesen »
Zur Übersicht über alle vergangenen Kolumnenteile »

von MrJones am Sa, 22. Jun 2013 15:00:41

Worauf freut ihr euch im Sommer-Patchplan am meisten?

Der Sommer wird heiß! Bioware wirft ständig mit neuen Infos um sich und zeigt uns diesmal sogar sehr detailliert, was wir in der nahen Zukunft in SWTOR erwarten können. Und da nun schon ziemlich viele Dinge bekannt sind, möchten wir heute einmal von euch wissen, auf was ihr euch am meisten in diesem Plan freut?

Ist es Patch 2.2, welcher uns den Nightmare-Modus für Schrecken aus der Tiefe sowie Gilden-Boni und Unterwelt-Gear für Crafter brachte? Sind es die Doppel-EP-Wochenenden? Ist es das auf Stufe 55 wiederkehrende Gree-Event? Oder der fette Patch 2.3, welcher neue Flashpoints, die Kopfgeld-Auftragswoche und mehr mitbringt? PvPler unter euch warten aber sicher eher auf Patch 2.4, welcher im Übergang zum Herbst viele neue Dinge bringen soll.

Stimmt in unserer Umfrage ab und schreibt uns in den Kommentaren und im Forum, warum ihr welchem Feature den Vorzug gebt. Wir sind gespannt auf eure Meinung.

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.

Mehr zum Sommer-Patchplan erfahrt ihr hier und hier!

von MrJones am Sa, 22. Jun 2013 12:00:25

Ein Sith im Verborgenen: Der Attentäter Klassenguide

Ihr agiert gerne im Dunkeln, seid eigentlich fast nie zu sehen und schleicht euch unbemerkt an Freund und Feind heran? Ihr seid hinterhältig, bösartig und vom Chaos erfüllt? Dann ist der Sith Attentäter wohl eure Klasse! Und genau diese wird heute ins gleißende Licht gerückt. Wir präsentieren euch den Sith Attentäter Klassenguide 2.0!

Wenn ihr wissen wollt, was sich alles bei eurer Klasse geändert hat und welcher Rotation ihr nun folgen müsst, welche Talente wirklich sinnvoll sind und wie eure wichtigsten Attribute aussehen, dann solltet ihr mal einen Blick in den überarbeiteten Klassenguide zum grausamen Attentäter werfen!

Wir hoffen sehr, dass euch der Guide hilft, euren imperialen Schleicher zu verstehen und freuen uns, wenn ihr uns auch dieses Mal wieder ein Feedback hinterlasst. Kritik, Anmerkungen und Lob sind wie immer erwünscht!

Hier findet ihr den Sith Attentäter 2.0 »
Alle anderen Klassenguides findet ihr in unserer Guide-Sektion »

von Meiou am Sa, 22. Jun 2013 08:03:48

Freitag, 21. Juni 2013

The TORWars

SWTOR: Macros Clarified

We’re all familiar with macros right? If you’re a massive multiplayer veteran, you’re familiar and have likely used them in all the various MMO’s you’ve played. I myself was a big macro user in World of Warcraft. I really like them and in my opinion they can enrich game play and are a great way to keep the player playing and keep a community engaged (especially those who like to design macros).

Not being able to use them in a game I love to play (SWTOR, for those who couldn’t guess) has been a mixed bag of emotion for me but obviously not a game breaker. That being said, text macros, color detection and evaluation macros and sequencing macros are also being addressed in a gold post (pasted below) from Phillip Holmes, head of security. He goes into great detail about how we can make sure we’re not breaking the ToS. I, for one, didn’t know that some of them could be considered against the Terms of Service (ToS), so found it very informative.

Macros made me do it....

Macros made me do it….

Read on -

Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread.Yesterday , 07:21 PM |

So a number of people have asked about text macros. A couple of others (even on reddit!) have mentioned ‘colour detection to determine which action to take’ systems. I even saw a questions about sequence clicking… I even saw claims that we can’t detect anything and won’t do a thing about this issue.

I’ll address all four…

Text Macros

Strictly speaking, text macro’s are against the ToS. If its for emotes etc and isn’t being used as a way to advise others of an impending attack in a Warzone (inc snow! for example), then we will turn a blind eye to an extent. If you fire off emotes too many times in quick succession of course then you will get evaluated for if you are spamming.

One click ‘enter chat, type ‘inc snow!’, hit enter’ text macros designed to warn others is completely against the ToS. You need to make a decision – do I take the time to type ‘inc snow’ to the ops group, or do I just keep fighting this person… Think of it as an evaluation on if you are using a tool that gives you an unfair advantage over somebody not using that same tool.

Colour detection and evaluated action macros

The very act of determining a colour of a pixel on screen and as a result then using a specific action is one of the easy to understand examples of what we call automation. As soon as you have two things happening based on one key press, then its against the ToS.

Sequence clicking

If you have a system set up so that if you hit the same key 4 times likes so: ’1, 1, 1, 1′ and instead of just firing off whatever 1 is bound to it fires off ’1, 2, 3, 4′, then as long as you keep it to ‘one key == one other key hit’ its in that grey area of not true automation. There is a caveat – you can’t have the macro determine a minimum time between clicks to work around the global cool down timing and only fire the next button in sequence if the GCD has expired.

If you instead have a system that when you hit 1, it fires of 1, 2, 3, 4 in quick succession or all at once (i.e. one click == many actions) in order to try and fire something that isn’t currently in a cool down state then yes, that is against the ToS. Again, one click must always equal one action and only one action within the game.

Detection of abuse

There are many claims based on guesswork that we can’t tell when a person is running automation for systems like field respeccing within seconds. Every time you interact with the server we log either the specific event or an aggregate of similar events firing multiple times. We can (and do!) look through those logs using analytic engines. If you want to know more about the concept, look up ‘big data’ in google – we strive to make all decisions on making changes to the game based on the data we have, and we have a lot of data.

We also use that data for game forensics – we may not react in a real-time manner for most things, but as people foolish enough to speedhack know, we can and do act based on irrefutable data.

Now, all that said, what are we going to be doing going forwards now that this issue is very much in the limelight?

Expect changes to the ability to field respec in Warzones. We were already working on this as part of some upcoming PvP updates (Bruce detailed some of that this week I believe), and we may bring the field respec changes forward – or we may just keep them where they are so to not impact the game update schedules and instead update our existing Warzone game forensic reporting to include inhumanly fast field respec events. Either way my advise if you are currently macroing within Warzones is to stop.

Phillip Holmes
SWTOR Head of Security

Thoughts on this TORWarriors? Have you been using text macros that are against SWTOR’s ToS and didn’t know? Lend us your words in the comments section below.

von Deirdre Hollis am Fr, 21. Jun 2013 23:23:09

Let the Fun Begin – It’s a SWTOR Double Experience Weekend!

Well fellow TORWarriors, back by popular demand, one of the “Summer of SWTOR” features is in full swing right now, at this very moment.  Yes, that’s right, starting just a short while ago, a brand new double experience weekend has begun.

Double the experience means double the fun!

Double the experience means double the fun!

For the uninitiated, this means that players get double the experience from virtually any activity in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Players get twice the normal amount of experience from PvP, from exploring, from completing quests, from running flashpoints, and from space combat.  What’s more, this XP bonus stacks with the various Legacy XP boosts, purchased XP boosts from the Cartel Market, XP bonuses from belonging to a guild, and from virtually every other source. The only XP boost that doesn’t stack with the bonus given during the double XP weekends is the “rested” experience bonus.

So that leads to our question for you, dear readers – what will you be doing this weekend? Leveling your long forgotten Sage? Finally getting your Marauder to level 55? Trying out a brand new character? Let us know in the comments below – we want to hear how you’re spending your time in game this weekend!

von J.W. Hollis am Fr, 21. Jun 2013 21:37:00

SWTOR Loading Screen: Crafting, Is It Broken?

And it's a new Loading Screen, sponsored by the mighty Nem'ro!

And it’s a new Loading Screen, sponsored by the mighty Nem’ro!


As I have noted in previous articles, I’m an altaholic. I like to play all the classes and most of the races in a game, although I have my favorites. One of the other things I like to do in games is craft, partially to be able to keep my toons geared while questing. I make things in real life such as costumes or pencil drawings, so it’s no huge surprise that crafting appeals to me in my MMOs. Since most MMOs set up crafting in a way that you need multiple characters to cover all of the crafts due to restrictions on gathering materials or needing a finished item from one craft in order to complete some recipe in another craft, it spurred my altaholism. Shameful.

In Star Wars: the Old Republic, you need at least six characters on the same server to cover all of the crew skill options, as there are six actual crafting options and you can only have one manufacturing craft skill per character. The basic system is simple and mirrors what many other games let you do, limit you to three craft options per character. Games that cave to players chafing at such a restriction tend to wind up with a crafting mess, such as the cat-tangled ball of yarn that EverQuest 2‘s crafting system represents. As much as I like the notion of being a self-sufficient crafter, most games tie crafting into economy and ensure that players either have to roll alts or actually (gasp!) interact with other players on some level to get the missing mats they need to create something. I first ran across this in World of Warcraft and got schooled on it in the even more restrictive Lord of the Rings Online, so SWTOR‘s methods aren’t any huge shocker or anything.

However, I have to wonder if the crafting here in SWTOR is broken beyond the things currently listed on the Known Issues page. I don’t mean relatively small things, like an archaeology mission resulting in only three crystals instead of four. Looking at the spreadsheet for my toons, I’m stuck with the fact that due to the ease that one can obtain gear, crystals, weapons via the Collections system and the Cartel Market, that pretty much wipes out most need for the Synthweavers and much of the stuff that made Artificer, Armormech, and Armstech attractive. I went looking through my Synthweaver’s recipes (he’s at 353, so got most of the stuff you can buy off the trainer), and some of it looks pretty awesome. However, they’re not orange recipes, so they have a limited use. Why craft a level-appropriate crystal when you can pop a level 10 Cartel Market +41 Endurance crystal out of Collections?

Cool-looking gear, but not moddable.

Cool-looking gear, but not moddable.

These days, on my various alts, all I have to do if I create a new character or get a new companion is pop a set of armor, weapon, and crystal out of Collections, nab a couple of speeders at level 15, and off I go. All I need to do is fill out the secondary slots. While each manufacturing skill does have a contribution to the overall mods you can make to orange gear and of course everyone loves the medpacs and goodies you can get for non-purple Biochem recipes, the simple fact of Cartel Market/Collections adaptive gear and free crystals and weapons pretty much obviates most of the need to craft any of this stuff. Add to this the uproar that happened when the highest tier of starship mods got put on the Cartel Market to buy. Add to this the slicing drops of level 51+ lockboxes that you can’t open if you’re a lower-level character. Add the confusing mess that is all of the enhancements you can craft as an Artificer, some of which have different names but the exact same stats. I won’t grump (much) about the actual good dye module options an Artificer can make being tied to reputation. With reputation recipes being bind-on-pickup, it also means they’re level-restricted. No grinding Voss rep on your level 55 and then buying recipes for your level 15 crafting toon.

Perhaps I’ll feel better about crafting in general once I can transfer my hoarded mats from two other servers onto the Shadowlands and get more of my characters leveled up in their crafts, but for now, I’m not really feeling it. What do you think, TORWarriors?


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Around the Galaxy: Rumor Grinder

Wild or not, we got rumors!

Wild or not, we got rumors!


Sometimes things are busy and sometimes it feels like we’re just slogging along repairing broken moisture vaporators while we wait for our next opportunity to bomb womp rars in our T-16 but the Star Wars rumor wheel keeps on turning! This week we look at some of the casting rumors for Episode VII, we’ll take a peek at what Disney may be working on for their theme parks, and I have an entertaining Star Wars filibuster for you to check out!




Casting Lists Galore!

Oh GOD noooo!!!!

Oh GOD noooo!!!!


The last ten days or so have seen some interesting rumors pop up regarding possible casting lists for Star Wars Episode VII. This started last week with some guys who like to call themselves “Schmoes Know”. These guys pretty much trolled the internet and Star Wars fans by claiming to have gotten access to a casting sheet that listed the requirements for various roles in the upcoming production of Episode VII. They also claimed their unnamed source filled them in on the entire plot of the as yet unnamed film.


The problem with this was that their alleged plot details looked like someone had visited Wookieepedia and copy & pasted the story elements from the Legacy of the Force series of EU novels. Raising even more suspicion was the use of the term “Jedi’s” several times in the article. Legitimate Star Wars fan sites who have connections to some of the authors of these novels were pretty quick to jump on this story and question its authenticity. There was some back and forth from the authors of the Schmoes site who (pretty unconvincingly) tried to defend their story and the whole thing died down as quickly as it had flared up. This little circus came off as an attempt by Schmoes to get some web hits and in that respect it probably worked.


Moving forward, this week we got some other news via Bleeding Cool that also purported to be a direct leak of a casting call sheet for Episode VII.


Via Bleeding Cool:


We’ve got our hands on the first real casting breakdowns of characters from the next Star Wars movie. What’s more, we’ve verified that these are lead characters – though not necessarily to be billed in the order below.

I want to stress Bleeding Cool have 100% confirmed that the following is accurate and that the open casting started today in the UK.

Late-teen female, independent, good sense of humour, fit.

Young twenty-something male, witty and smart, fit but not traditionally good looking.

A late twentysomething male, fit, handsome and confident.

Seventy-something male, with strong opinions and tough demeanour. Also doesn’ t need to be particularly fit.

A second young female, also late teens, tough, smart and fit.

Forty something male, fit, military type.

Thirtysomething male, intellectual. Apparently doesn’t need to be fit.Are these character details, or dating profiles? GSOH, physically fit…

But seeing as they’re looking for two teenage girls, chances are that rumour about a teenage female lead has something to it…

Without any details about the films plot it’s hard to figure out what they’re shooting for here and as you know I tend to run on the skeptical side of these things until I see some confirmation or follow up that makes sense. Interestingly, later that same day we got what appeared to be some confirmation from a completley different source over at

Entertainment website Bleeding Cool today posted a leaked casting call for Star Wars Episode VII which includes vague descriptions of several roles that Disney is looking to fill in the movie. Bleeding Cool’s Brendon Connelly writes, “We’ve verified that these are lead characters.”

This was circulating earlier today, but we didn’t know if it was real or another hoax. So I reached out to Lucasfilm. Company spokesman Miles Perkins has confirmed to me that the listing is genuine. He wrote, “Yes, it is correct.”

Once again, Lucasfilm has confirmed that this casting call is real. That means that casting is now underway.


There you have it folks, the rumor and then later the confirmation from a different source who apparently has a good connection to someone in authority at Lucasfilm. Keep in mind that we know that Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford have all confirmed (more or less) that they’re returning for Episode VII so these casting sheet roles are likely in addition to any of those three.


I’m not sure what to make of this but it sure is starting to sound like we’re getting a truly original story and not some permutation of something from the Legacy of the Force series as was stated by the previous rumor up above. I’m kind of mystified by this list at this point but those descriptions could fit a raft of currently popular actors. Let the speculation begin!


Disney Star Wars Theme Park!?

I wonder if they'd have to change the slogan to

I wonder if they’d have to change the slogan to “The Happiest Place in the Outer Rim”?


This is a rumor that keeps popping up every couple of months. Awhile back, aound the time that the Disney/Lucas deal was first announced there was a story floating around that Disney was scrapping plans for a previously rumored expansion of the California Adventure park that was themed around The Wizard of Oz and tied to the upcoming Oz the Great and Powerful film. The combination of that films underwhelming performance at the box office and Disney making the deal for the Star Wars franchise lead to some speculation that the Oz themed expansion was being scrapped in favor of a future Star Wars themed expansion. Ultimately this was just another unsubstantiated rumor and quickly died down after the sale was completed and the surrounding hullabaloo faded. (I should also mention that this was not the first time a rumor like this floated out from Disney. Back in 2012 there was a story making the rounds that Disneyland Paris would be getting a “Star Wars Land”. At the time this was sort of confirmed by a Disney Imagineer. You can read more about that here).


Cue June 2013 and word has gotten around that Disney has been sending some annual pass members a survey asking them some pretty interesting questions. They are asking things like “which trilogy do you prefer” and “what places would you like to visit in the Star Wars universe” and “Which Star Wars characters do you know and who would you like to meet”. Most interestingly they come right out and ask “how do you feel about a Star Wars themed land inside the resort”. This is coming straight from folks on a Disney-centric forum and has been confirmed by this image:


Where is the check box that says

Where is the check box that says “HELLS TO THE YES I’D GO TO THAT!”


It seems like this news all but confirms that we’ll be seeing some sort of extensive Star Wars themed addition to some if not all of the Disney parks in the not too distant future. I have to admit that makes the Star Wars fanboy in me scream “YES PLEASE!!!”. I would love to be able to visit some of the places we’ve seen in the films. If Disney starts selling plots in Tatooineland, or Coruscant please let me know where I can deliver my wallet.


Star Wars Filibuster, Now With Animations!

A few weeks ago during the filming of the TV show Parks and Rec, comedian Patton Oswalt delivered a pretty entertaining filibuster during a scene that takes place at a city council meeting in the show. He uses a bit of procedural trickery to prevent a vote on an issue he is opposed to. Oswalt stated that the shows producers asked him to ramble on about any topic he wanted for several minutes. He chose to speak about Star Wars Episode VII (amog other things) and spent the next several minutes laying out his plan. It’s great stuff and funny and if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth your time. If you’re any sort of As a bonus I’ve selected the fan created animated version of this for your viewing pleasure!

Around the Galaxy is a regular feature where we make a slight detour from Star Wars: The Old Republic and offer up news and opinion about all things Star Wars. In addition to news about development of official Star Wars projects we curate related news and items of interest from the community. I’m always looking for interesting things to share with the community so if you see something that you’d like me to share here don’t hesitate to contact me via TORWars or on Twitter @HolyCrapItsLate.

Images: One Two Three Four

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Force Junkies

Dealing Damage : ‘Slingers Shoot First

Damage Dealing Header

Many players consider the Damage Dealing role an easy one. I have a different point of view about it. The Damage Dealing role is easily picked up, and slowly mastered.

Greetings fellow Galaxy Adventurers! It’s Friday, and another Double XP Weekend is upon us. In honor of that guilty leveling pleasure I’d like to divulge a DPS guilty pleasure of my own. Gunslingers.

Gunslinger Screen shots (4)

They are my first targets in Warzones because I know the amount of damage they can inflict. They are my #1 class to choose when playing Warzone, because they are deadly. The only way to neutralize a Gunslinger is to not engage.

While enjoying PvE content Gunslingers are cannons, rock solid cannons of awesome. Glass Cannons be damned. Gunslingers can out-range, outlast, and output more damage than other classes hands down. They have a movement weakness, but most of the time you can just ‘Hunker Down’ and weather the storm (With a reduction of %60 of AoE damage if talented for it).

Playing this class, and using the Sharpshooter tree, is like driving a world class automobile that has it all. Great handling because of the silky rotation and excellent filler attacks. Excellent MPG with only yourself to blame if you run out of Energy. Radar busting top-speed because of the enormous direct damage potential. The damage dealt by a Gunslinger has one weakness in that same direct damage, because you’ve always gotta be blasting your target to sustain the damage meter. The DoTs are basically non-existent for this class. That’s just fine with me.

After all of that, Gunslingers are a fun class to play. They have the best regeneration, buff, and aggro-dump animations in the game. Your conversation choices are wisecracking and direct all at the same time. You’ve got two blasters, and dress like a space cowboy. The class has access to the best looking head wear in the game with fighter pilot helms and Cowboy hats.

You do things you’re own way, and how you want to do them. You can get the Princess in the end too!

What’s not to like about this class? Leave comments below about your favorite Damage Dealing class.

The Silverstrike Legacy can be found on The Bastion’s Vaiken Spacedock, in the company of his fellow Zergadins.

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Auch Ben Burrt kommt zur Star Wars Celebration!

Nachdem Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, gestern sein Erscheinen (wir berichteten) auf der diesjährigen Star Wars Celebration angekündigte, folgte nun auch die Zusage von Ben Burrt, dem Sound Director der Star Wars Filme.

Bei diesem Besuch handelt es sich sogar um eine große Ehre, denn der Herr Burrt ist nicht oft in Europa zu Gast und wer ein handsigniertes Andenken von ihm haben möchte, hat hier nun endlich die Chance. Schließlich wird auch er Autogramme geben. Ben war unter anderem auch für das Sound Mixing bei WALL-E und und die Soundeffekte bei Indiana Jones und E.T. zuständig.

Langsam kommt man gar nicht mehr aus dem Staunen heraus und die Celebration in Essen scheint ein richtiges Spektakel zu werden. :D

Quelle: Star Wars Celebration

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Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013


Verwirrungen um die Kopfgeld-Auftragswoche

Nachdem Bioware den Teilnehmern der Cantina-Tour in der letzten Woche einen USB-Stick überreichte, auf welchem ein neues Event präsentiert wurde, schien die Verwirrung zunächst sehr groß zu sein. Denn offensichtlich sprach man hier von einem Kopfgeldjäger-Event (Bounty Hunter Event), was jedoch nicht korrekt formuliert war. Denn eigentlich trägt dieses Event den Namen Kopfgeld-Auftragswoche.

Eigentlich habe man nicht vorgehabt, Verwirrung zu stiften, indem man dem Event, das mit Patch 2.3 kommen wird, nach einer Klasse benennt.

Auch einige der beigefügten Screenshots waren nicht ganz korrekt. Zum einen handelte es sich bei einem Screenshot um eine Rüstung, die so in dieser dargestellten Farbvariation momentan noch gar nicht existiere. Des Weiteren ist ein Screenshot einer Rüstung zu sehen, die zwar mit Patch 2.3 ihren Weg in das Spiel finden, aber gar nicht zur Kopfgeld-Auftragswoche gehören wird, sondern zum neuen Daily-Missions-Gebiet.

Allerdings erhält diese Ruf-Rüstung bis zum Release noch ein paar kleinere Änderungen. So soll diese noch ein paar Details erhalten und lebendigere Farben erhalten, als bisher der Fall war. Sobald Eric Musco einen Screenshot parat hat, wird er uns diesen präsentieren.

Doch wie sehen denn nun die Belohnungs-Rüstungen der Kopfgeld-Auftragswoche aus? Dafür hat Eric zum Schluss zwei Screenshots hinterlassen, die ihr euch im nachfolgenden Link anschauen könnt.

Rüstungsset des neuen Daily-Missions-Gebiets

Dieses Rüstungssets ist eigentlich die Belohnung, die ihr im neuen Daily-Missions-Gebiet vorfinden werdet.


Hier handelt es sich um die Rüstung, die in der falschen Fabvariante gepostet wurde und noch überarbeitet wird.


Das ist einer der Rüstungen, die ihr über die Kopfgeld-Auftragswoche erhalten könnt.


Ebenso wie dieses Rüstungsset.

Quelle: Offizielles Forum

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Force Junkies

Dev Tracker : Bounty Week Info Clarification

FJ Dev tracker

Here’s some solid Clarification from Eric on the Los Angeles Community Cantina information drop.

Continue Reading for the Armor Pictures.

It seems this is not just a BH only event, but everyone can participate! Oh and the armor screen shots were wrong, here are the correct images.





The ‘wrong’ armors are Mission Hub rewards from 2.3, the Bounty Week (Which will be monthly!) armors have a handy green check mark for reference.

von jgcharkalis78 am Do, 20. Jun 2013 14:03:54

Front Line Medic : Healing 16-man content lets you practice DPS


Note: I was able to heal the first boss of NiM TFB, but we waited to see if Bioware was going to “hot fix” the second fight. Turns out they’re not, so I hope to go back into NiM TFB this week. I VOW to have impression on that next week.

There was a time when I was shopping around for guilds on The Harbinger.

I was coming back to the game after a couple months off and I really wanted a raiding guild where I could focus entirely on taking part in operations. It came down to two choices.
One was a pretty solid guild that was focusing more on 16-man progression and raiding. The other was a guild I had followed since launch and I knew to be a very good 8-man progression group of players.

In the end it came down to me wanting to join a known guild that I already knew people in, but there was something about the 16-man group that stuck in my head.

During a conversation with the leaders in that guild, a couple of them insinuated that running and healing that many people in progression was harder and therefore more rewarding than the 8-man experience.

I took their word for it at the time. I now think they were way, way, wrong.

I’ve been healing 16-man content for the past couple of weeks because guildies want to earn the achievements and actually want to progress through that group makeup of content.
So we cleared NiM EC, HM Golden Fury, and HM Scum and Villainy. We’re still lacking the last boss on HM TFB for 16-man runs.

I’ve been lucky enough to heal all of those and even made videos of most fights. Still need to upload the Golden Fury and Styrak kills.

One thing stood out, from a healing perspective at least, at the end of all those fight. Healing 16-man group is the easiest way to clear SWTOR operations. Before you say something about being over-geared, we’re talking about the newest content released. Plus NiM EC is still pretty wicked for level 55s.

I mean, it’s crazy how much easier those fights do tend to be. You can lose healers and or DPS without worrying about a wipe or enraging provided the people still standing are good.
Sure it takes a little more planning and orchestrating. Yes the bosses might even put out more damage or introduce new mechanics. Okay, okay, I’ll give you that having a large group opens the door for more derpage.

But none of that makes the actual fights harder because of the room for error that Bioware designed into the fights.

Let’s look at Scum and Villainy. That you can do that whole fight with two tanks and basically three healers is just silly. Even NiM Kephess in Denova needed three tanks.
Styrak isn’t near the DPS check in 16-man that he is in 8-man. Thrasher puts out more damage for healers to worry about, but it’s still a stack and burn for those on the floor.

Titan 6 allows for two people behind a rock. That actually helps healers because we can heal during that phase and you can have up to six people within your range.

Don’t even worry about the Operations Chief or Olok. I mean, it’s the same of amount of tokens. Half your raid won’t have to deal with getting a token.

What’s the point here? I really don’t know. I guess I’m just surprised with how much easier the fights felt on 16-man than they did on 8-man. I literally ran in circles dropping probes randomly during the droid puzzle boss.

Healers of SWTOR, run and tell your guilds that 16-man is an easy way to clear content and earn achievements for groups with quality players. It’s also a great way for us to practice our dps rotation.

I run a Sorc -Aztec – and Operative – Drnefarious – healer on The Harbinger server and am a member of Animositya hardcore raiding guild. Send me a mail or whisper if you’re on the server. 

von Louie am Do, 20. Jun 2013 13:47:51


Mr. Luke Skywalker kommt zur Star Wars Celebration

Da sprechen wir die ganze Zeit von den Hochkarätern und heute wurde uns schon wieder ein neuer Stargast pärsentiert! Und dieser Stargast ist niemand geringeres als Mr. Luke Skywalker himself: Mark Hamill!

Es gab schon längere Zeit Gerüchte darüber, ob er die Celebration mit seiner Anwesenheit beehren wird oder nicht. Nun wurde es aber offiziell bestätigt und wir dürfen mit seinem Erscheinen rechnen. Auch er wird sicher etwas mit den Fans kommunizieren und in der Autogrammhalle zu finden sein.

Dann fehlt ja nur noch der Herr Solo und dann wären die großen Drei vollzählig (und somit der Nerdgasm für jeden Star Wars Fan perfekt!) :D

von Meiou am Do, 20. Jun 2013 13:41:56


SWTOR: Kopfgeldjäger und neue Planeten - Bioware rückt Informationen zum Kopfgeldjagd-Event und den geplanten Updates im Sommer raus

In Star Wars: The Old Republic findet bald ein neues, monatliches Event mit dem Thema Kopfgeldjagd statt. Das Ereignis heißt "Bounty Contract Week" und startet am 13. August 2013. Weiterhin erscheint am 6. August Update 2.3 mit neuen Flashpoints und…

Do, 20. Jun 2013 12:42:00

SWTOR: Wie gut kennt Ihr Euch im Star-Wars-MMO aus? Testet Euer Wissen im SWTOR-Quiz

Ihr glaubt, dass Ihr Euch gut mit der Geschichte von Biowares Star-Wars-MMO auskennt? Dann sollte das folgende Quiz zu Star Wars: The Old Republic ja kein Problem für Euch darstellen. Macht mit bei unserem SWTOR-Quiz!

Do, 20. Jun 2013 11:15:00


SWTOR Charaktertransfer kommt mit Patch 2.2.1

SWTOR Charaktertransfer kommt mit Patch 2.2.1Der Termin für den kostenpflichtigen Charaktertransfers steht weiterhin. Das Datum wird wohl eingehalten. Dann wäre es Spielern endlich möglich Ihre Charaktere auf andere Server zu transferieren.

Allerdings ist dieser Dienst noch kostenlos für die Spieler, sondern er muss bezahlt werden. Eric Musco hat im offiziellen Forum noch einmal bestätigt, dass der kostenpflichtige Charaktertransfer mit Patch 2.2.1 erscheinen wird.

Blizzard PosterEricMsuco on Charaktertransfer (Source)

Hey folks,

Yes, Paid Character Transfers are still slated for 2.2.1. The reason we didn’t post anything about it is that simply put, nothing changed. I will typically only post about something changing from what I had already stated previously.

Paid Character Transfers are still slated for 2.2.1 which is targeted for next Tuesday, June 25th. I will let you know if anything changes, the second it changes.


von Kabash am Do, 20. Jun 2013 10:45:20


Erste Infos zu Episode VII: Das Casting hat begonnen!

Gestern kursierten (wieder einmal) Gerüchte durch das Internet, dass bereits erste Rollenprofile für Star Wars: Episode VII in die Öffentlichkeit geraten wären. Nun stellen sich eben genau diese Gerüchte als wahr heraus, denn Tracy Cannobbio, eine Sprecherin von Lucasfilm bestätigte gegenüber, dass das Casting für den nächsten Star Wars Film bereits begonnen hätte.

Und so sehen die derzeitigen Charakterprofile für Episode VII aus:

  • Teenager, auf die 20 zugehend, unabhängig, guter Sinn für Humor, körperlich fit.
  • Ein junger Mann, Anfang 20, geistreich und gerissen, körperlich fit aber nicht die klassische Schönheit.
  • Ein Mann Ende 20, körperlich fit, gutaussehend und selbstbewusst.
  • Ein Mann in den Siebzigern, mit festen Ansichten und hartem Auftreten.
  • Wieder eine junge Frau, ebenfalls knapp 20 Jahre alt, zäh, geistreich und körperlich fit.
  • Ein Mann in den Vierzigern, körperlich fit, Militär-Typ.
  • Ein dreißigjähriger Mann, intelligent, muss anscheinend nicht körperlich gut in Schuss sein.

Auch wenn diese Infos nicht so wahnsinnig spektakulär erscheinen, ist es toll, endlich etwas mehr zu Episode VII zu erfahren. Wir sind sehr gespannt, was daraus wird :)

von Meiou am Do, 20. Jun 2013 10:09:21

The TORWars

Corrections To LA SWTOR Community Cantina Flash Drives

According to Eric Musco, our intrepid Community Manager, there are some corrections to LA SWTOR Community Cantina flash drives. Apparently the in-game event was misnamed implying that it was class specific to Bounty Hunters and there’s some armor that needed further explanation. He resolves those issues and more in a gold post pasted below for your reading pleasure, or you can read more here.


Some Corrections For The Los Angeles Cantina Flash Drives | 06.19.2013, 11:27 PM

Hey folks,

This week I learned about some incorrect information that went out on our flash drives which we gave away during the LA Cantina Tour. I wanted to highlight what was incorrect and to provide the correct information, including some updated screenshots with the correct rewards!

The first thing which led to some confusion is that the new event coming around Game Update 2.3 is called Bounty Contract Week, not the Bounty Hunter event. We didn’t mean to have the added confusion around implying an event was named after a class. Bruce gave a little bit of information on the event, here.

Now, onto the screenshots! First was some incorrect armor screenshots. There were two new armor sets shown. One of them is not actually present in the game in that color variation which you can see here. The other, is in the game in 2.3, but it is a part of the new daily hub reputation not the Bounty Contract Week rep. You can see that armor here. As a note, this armor has changed slightly. The colors are a bit more vibrant and it has some new “attachments,” I am going to work on getting an updated screenshot.

What you will want to see are the new armor sets that are rewards for the Bounty Contract Week Rep! Here they are, reward 1, reward 2.

We sincerely apologize for any confusion.



von Deirdre Hollis am Do, 20. Jun 2013 01:31:30

Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013


Charaktertransfers nach wie vor für Patch 2.2.1 geplant

Noch sieht es gut aus im Staate Bioware. Nachdem die Charaktertransfers nun mittlerweile einige Mal verschoben worden sind, scheint es so, als ob es dieses Mal endlich klappen könnte. Eric Musco hat gestern ein kleines Update ins offizielle Forum geschrieben, dass nach wie vor das Ziel Patch 2.2.1 gelte – womit die Transfers am kommenden Dienstag, den 25. Juni endlich freigeschaltet werden dürften.

"Yes, Paid Character Transfers are still slated for 2.2.1. The reason we didn't post anything about it is that simply put, nothing changed. I will typically only post about something changing from what I had already stated previously.

Paid Character Transfers are still slated for 2.2.1 which is targeted for next Tuesday, June 25th. I will let you know if anything changes, the second it changes."

Natürlich könnte es immer noch passieren, dass die Implementierung sich dennoch verschiebt, aber wir wollen den Teufel ja nicht an die Wand malen, oder? :)

Quelle: Offizielles Forum

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Force Junkies

Fan Fiction : Souvenir

Fan Fiction Header

The Star Wars Universe is expansive, and countless adventures are experienced across the galaxy. If you would like your exploits published send a holo to .

After checking his dual Blaster load-out, Zyley holstered his ‘revolvers’.  Looking at the wreckage, he fully realizes the destruction this Strike Force just caused.  Twisted Durasteel is all that remains of Karagga’s Battle Tank.

Amid the smoke and wreckage he hears the hum of a Lightsaber.

The sound of a Lightsaber slicing through metals is one he has become familiar with.  This lightsaber’s hum belonged to Walter O. Dim.  He was amid the walker’s broken frame and, what seemed like to Zyley, practicing Lightsaber combat forms.

“Walter, let’s go.  My crew is prepping for departure and staying here any longer is costing me Credits.”  shouted Zyley over the sound of Zal Alloy being ripped apart by Walter.  Suddenly the sounds coming from the wreckage changed.  It now sounded like Walter’s saber was slicing through flesh, and the only biological in that heap was Karagga’s corpse.

Screams of rage and frustration erupted, as Walter brought his full power down to bear on the dead Hutt.  Force Lighting arced around the destroyed walker igniting the leaking fuels.  A renewed blaze of combustion spewed forth from the wreckage, as Walter O. Dim came strolling out of the flames.

“What was that all about?”  asked the Mercenary.  Dim only said one word “Souvenir,” and placed the dead Hutt’s hat on his head.


von jgcharkalis78 am Mi, 19. Jun 2013 13:42:59


SWTOR Freunde-Programm vorerst ausgesetzt

Wer vor Kurzem einen Freund zu SWTOR einladen wollte, der wird festgestellt haben, dass dies momentan nicht möglich ist. Bioware hat das System seit dem 11. Juni abgeschaltet, um bessere Belohnungen dem Programm hinzuzufügen.

"It is important to note that this program will be returning with the Kurtob Alliance Speeder and some new rewards. We are targeting to bring back this program in early August of this year."

Solltet ihr allerdings noch Freunde vor dem 11. Juni eingeladen haben, haben diese bis zum 12. Juli 9 Uhr MESZ Zeit, das Konto zu aktivieren und ein Abo abzuschließen, damit ihr als Werber noch eure derzeitigen Belohnungen erhaltet.

Anfang August soll das neue Programm starten, was euch dann auch neue Belohnungen gewährt. Allerdings soll der Kurtob-Allianz-Gleiter nach wie vor mit in diesem Paket stecken.

Wichtig für euch zu wissen ist, dass die neuen Belohnungen nicht rückwirkend sein werden. Habt ihr also in der Vergangenheit schon einmal Freunde geworben, werdet ihr die neuen Belohnungen nicht erhalten. Dafür müsst ihr erst einen neuen Freund erfolgreich ins Spiel einladen.

Quellen: SWTOR FAQ und das offizielle Forum 1 und 2

von Meiou am Mi, 19. Jun 2013 12:56:20


SWTOR Sommerfahrplan von Bioware

SWTOR Sommerfahrplan von BiowareErst heute morgen haben wir Euch über die kommenden Doppel Ep Wochenenden informiert, welche wieder bald im Spiel verfügbar sein. Nun hat BruceMaclean im offiziellen Forum bekannt gegeben, dass es noch weitere Events im Sommer geben wird, damit die Spieler in SWTOR bei Laune gehalten werden.

Was erwartet uns?

Neben den Doppel EP Wochenenden kommt auch das Gree Event zurück. Dann ist es den Spielern wieder möglich für die Gree Enklave Ruf zu sammeln und Aufgaben zu lösen.

Genauere Informationen hat Bruce Maclean im Forenpost bekannt gegeben.

Blizzard PosterBruceMaclean on Sommerfahrplan (Source)

Hallo zusammen!

Hier ist der neueste Stand unserer Pläne zum Sommer von SWTOR und eine Übersicht der spannenden Dinge, die wir in den kommenden Monaten für euch geplant haben.

Alle unten genannten Daten sind die Zieldaten für das Team. Wie ihr bei Spiel-Update 2.2 gesehen habt, das um einen Tag verschoben werden musste, kann es auch bei diesen Daten sein, dass sie sich noch ändern!

Doppel-EP-Wochenenden! Wir möchten, dass ihr auch in der Sommerhitze einen kühlen Kopf bewahrt und haben drei Doppel-EP-Zeiträume für euch, die an diesem Wochenende beginnen:
Doppel-EP-Wochenende 1:

  • Start: 21. Juni 20:00 Uhr MESZ
  • Ende: 24. Juni 09:00 Uhr MESZ

Doppel-EP-Wochenende 2:

  • Start: 28. Juni 20:00 Uhr MESZ
  • Ende: 01. Juli 09:00 Uhr MESZ

Doppel-EP-Wochenende 3:

  • Start: 04. Juli 13:00 Uhr MESZ
  • Ende: 08. Juli 09:00 Uhr MESZ

Am 9. Juli veröffentlichen wir den Albtraum-Modus für ‘Abschaum und Verkommenheit’ im Zuge von Spiel-Update 2.2.2! Diese Operation im Albtraum-Modus ist zurzeit noch auf dem öffentlichen Test-Server!

Am 23. Juli kehrt das Event ‘Relikte der Gree’ für ganze zwei Wochen zurück:

  • Wie von der Community angeregt, wird das Event diesmal bis Stufe 55 reichen und bessere Beute, Auszeichnungen und Erfolge bieten
  • Zur möglichen Beute gehört auch eine neue Kugel-Transportkabine

Der 6. August ist immer noch unser angepeiltes Datum für Spiel-Update 2.3. Wir werden euch in Blogs, Newslettern und Community-Treffen viele neue Details zu den neuen Features verraten! Hier einige der wichtigsten davon:

  • Neue Flashpoints
  • Neuer täglicher Bereich
  • Überarbeitung der Farben im ganzen Spiel
  • Neues wiederkehrendes Event: Kopfgeld-Auftragswoche

Das Event ist zwar ein Teil von Spiel-Update 2.3, aber wir planen, die Kopfgeld-Auftragswoche am 13. August zu starten. Die Kopfgeld-Auftragswoche findet monatlich statt, wenn ihr sie also beim ersten Mal verpasst, könnt ihr einfach im darauffolgenden Monat einsteigen! Dieses Event wurde bereits bei unserem Community-Treffen letzte Woche vorgestellt, und wir hoffen, dass wir euch schon bald mehr verraten können. Hier schon mal ein kleiner Appetithappen:

In der Kopfgeld-Auftragswoche gibt es neue, voll vertonte Missionen, bei denen ihr wertvolle Kopfgeld-Ziele in der ganzen Galaxis jagt. Die Kopfgeld-Aufträge richten sich nach eurer Stufe (von 15 bis 55) und bringen Erfahrung, Credits, Auszeichnungen und Ruf bei der Kopfgeld-Vermittlungsgesellschaft.

Wir arbeiten auch schon an Spiel-Update 2.4, das im Oktober erscheinen soll. Es ist zwar unsere Philosophie, viele kleinere Updates zu veröffentlichen, aber Spiel-Update 2.4 wird wohl sehr groß und bringt eine Menge neue Inhalte und PvP-Neuerungen beim Ranglisten-Spiel. Nächsten Monat werdet ihr mehr dazu erfahren. Wenn ihr unbedingt jetzt schon einen Blick in die Zukunft werfen müsst, geht in Machttrance und konzentriert euch auf diese drei Begriffe: Oricon. Kriegsgebiet-Arenen. Schreckensmeister.

In dieser Liste ist noch lange nicht alles und wir arbeiten noch an einigen längerfristigen Sachen. Je näher die Veröffentlichung rückt, desto mehr Details werden wir bekannt geben. Haltet in den Foren und auf Ausschau nach weiteren Informationen!

von Kabash am Mi, 19. Jun 2013 12:01:57


SWTOR: Doppelte Erfahrungspunkte - Bonus-Wochenenden ab dem 21. Juni

SWTOR-Spieler können sich in den nächsten Wochen mehr Erfahrungspunkte verdienen. Das Team von Bioware kündigte eine Rückkehr der "Doppel-EP-Wochenenden" an.

Mi, 19. Jun 2013 10:13:00


Es wird heiß! Neues Update zum Sommerpatchplan

Der Sommerpatchplan, den Bioware vor einigen Wochen stolz präsentierte, gab uns schon einen ordentlichen Eindruck davon, was wir in den heißen Sommertagen 2013 alles erwarten können. Nun hat Senior Producer Bruce Maclean ein Update dazu im offiziellen Forum veröffentlicht, in welchem er noch etwas präziser wird.

Bioware verspricht: Der Sommer wird heiß!

Ok, einige Inhalte sind uns schon bekannt, aber dennoch möchten wir sie einmal kurz zusammenfassen: An diesem Freitag beginnt das erste von drei Doppel-EP-Wochenenden, an welchen ihr eure Twinks hochleveln oder das Vermächtnis verbessern könnt!

Zudem wird am 9. Juli das Update 2.2.2 veröffentlicht, das uns den Albtraum-Modus der Operation Abschaum und Verkommenheit beschert! Dieses befindet sich gerade auf dem PTS und ihr seid herzlich eingeladen, diesen Modus gemeinsam mit eurer Gilde zu testen!

Des Weiteren kehrt am 23. Juli für zwei Wochen das Gree-Event zurück. Erlangt nun besseren Loot, Auszeichnungen und Erfolge! Dazu kann auch ein neuer Gleiter gehören: Die neue Kugel-Transportkabine! :)

Am 6. August soll Patch 2.3 kommen. Mit neuen Flashpoints, einem Daily-Missions-Gebiet, eine Überarbeitung aller Farben im Spiel und dem neuen wiederkehrenden Event: Die Kopfgeld-Auftragswoche! Dieses startet am 13. August und wird monatlich wiederkehren.

"In der Kopfgeld-Auftragswoche gibt es neue, voll vertonte Missionen, bei denen ihr wertvolle Kopfgeld-Ziele in der ganzen Galaxis jagt. Die Kopfgeld-Aufträge richten sich nach eurer Stufe (von 15 bis 55) und bringen Erfahrung, Credits, Auszeichnungen und Ruf bei der Kopfgeld-Vermittlungsgesellschaft."

Und zum Schluss noch ein paar Infos zu Patch 2.4, auf den alle PvPler so sehnlich warten! Das Update soll im Oktober erscheinen, sehr groß werden, eine Menge neue Inhalte und PvP-Neuerungen beim Ranglisten-Spiel mitbringen! Und diese sehen ganz passabel aus, denn Maclean hinterließ uns zum Abschluss drei nette Begriffe: Oricon, Kriegsgebiet-Arenen (!) und Schreckensmeister! Im nächsten Monat sollen wir dazu mehr erfahren!

Tolle Aussichten also. Der SWTOR-Sommer kann kommen!

von Meiou am Mi, 19. Jun 2013 08:36:04


SWTOR Die Doppel EP Wochenenden sind zurück

SWTOR Die Doppel EP Wochenenden sind zurückAufgrund der großen Nachfrage der Spieler kehren die Doppel EP Wochenenden in Star Wars: The old Republic zurück. Geplant ist, dass es vorerst 3 Wochenenden geben wird, an denen Ihr die doppelte Menge an Erfahrung bekommen könnt. Dadurch sollte es Euch ein Leichtes sein Euren Hauptcharakter hochzuziehen oder einen Twink zu leveln.

Doppel EP Wochenenden

An folgenden Wochenenden ist es Euch möglich die doppelten Erfahrungspunkte zu erhalten.

  • 21. Juni 2013 (20:00 Uhr MESZ) bis 24. Juni 2013 (09:00 Uhr MESZ)
  • 28. Juni 2013 (20:00 Uhr MESZ) bis 01. Juli 2013 (09:00 Uhr MESZ)
  • 04. Juli 2013 (13:00 Uhr MESZ) bis 08. Juli 2013 (09:00 Uhr MESZ)

Bioware hat bereits angekündigt, dass es sich hierbei nicht um die letzten Doppel Ep Wochenenden handelt, wann allerdings in Zukunft wieder Doppel EP Wochenenden erscheinen wurde bisher nicht bekannt gegeben.

von Kabash am Mi, 19. Jun 2013 07:17:10

Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013

The TORWars

BioWare Confirms Paid Character Transfers Slated For 2.2.1

Eric Musco, Community Manager over in BioWare Austin confirms for us that paid character transfers are slated for 2.2.1, which is next Tuesday, June 25th.


You can read the thread here.

von Deirdre Hollis am Di, 18. Jun 2013 21:39:32

SWTOR Flyby: Nar Shaddaa, Republic Side

swtor 2013-05-30 15-37-31-74

What’s up party people, thanks for tuning in to another episode of SWTOR Flyby. Well I hope you are ready because this week the party is happening on Nar Shaddaa, the planet that never sleeps. Hiding beneath all that glitz and glamor, in the shadows of the neon signs there is a dark side to the world, fostered by the gangs, cartels, and criminal activities of the Empire. Be sure to get some R&R, but only after you clean up this planet.

 World Overview

Nar Shaddaa is divided into four nice questing zones accessible via taxi and will be very reminiscent of your time on Coruscant. Please take off all gang affiliated colored clothing, and do NOT use any flash photography. You never know when some trigger happy junkie will think you are shooting at him. Buckle up folks, Nar Shaddaa awaits.

I completed Nar Shaddaa in just over three hours, leveling from 20-24. I had a guild with a 5% exp bonus, I am a subscriber and I was running 25% exp boost consumables. I did the quests listed below along with two of the heroic quests.

Deucalon Spaceport

Lock up your ship if you are parking it here, better yet leave it under armed guard, you never know who is going to try to boost it, smash it, or spray paint a giant phallic image on the side of it with the words “Bossk wuz here” underneath.

When Diplomacy Fails – (Conditional) This is a nice quick quest just in the spaceport that will start the world series for Nar Shaddaa. Unfortunately the turn in is in an annoying spot and so having to constantly return there after every segment of this quest is quite time consuming. If you want to see the world story you can do this quest and the subsequent ones but other than that I would skip it.


The sculptor was told to make something to match the gaudiness of the skyline, well a giant golden Hutt statue certainly fits that bill.

Nikto Sector

The Nikto Sector will be our first view of Nar Shaddaa, don’t let all the thugs bother you, as long as you leave them alone, they will leave you alone, unless any of you are under twenty, then tend to be more aggressive around people they know they can push around easier.

One Fell Swoop - (Can’t Miss) A great quest with a great bonus named after a great album by The Spill Canvas (ok so that last part might not be entirely accurate). You can do it on your way to the heroic quest in this area which is a pretty easy one as well.

Slave Raiding – (Can’t Miss) This quick pit stop with a bonus for killing the guys that you will have to fight anyway is well worth your time.

Strike the Mountain Asunder – (Conditional) This quest is one of the cooler ones story wise, has a really neat looking instance, but it takes a long time to fight down to him. It is worth more exp than normal quests and the reward is a nice prototype belt. One caveat, unless the belt is a huge upgrade, I would skip it due to the length of the quest, unless of course you are a stealth character, and you have your quick travel up. This is one of the world story quests so it also has the long turn in.


Qyzen hates it when I Force Wave all the enemies out of melee range.

Red Light Sector

Well the Red Light Sector’s across the galaxy may be known for many different things, but the best thing about this one is the awesome exp you will get here. Just keep your eyes focused forward and don’t get distracted by the window shopping and you will be outta here with a level or two in no time.

All the quests here are quick and efficient as long as you do them in the right order. Start with Shore Leave, then proceed to do Back Alley and Double Negative while completing the parts of Cleansing the Spice Trade that are on the west side of the map. Make sure to do the Stage 2 bonus of Back Alley before heading east to finish everything up

This entire sector is all “Can’t Miss” opportunities for great exp. When you are doing Cleansing the Spice Trade be sure to check the tables in the rooms for a codex entry.

Industrial Sector and Shadow Town

Well after the exp bonanza that happened in the Red Light Sector, the next two areas of Nar Shaddaa are pretty dry. With larger zones and quests that are spread out, the running time to quest time ratio is really not very good at all. In both of these areas I simply raced to my class quest finished it and called it a day. If you are still a couple levels below the planet curve then try to hit a few heroics and leave the planet a level early.


Sneaking into top secret Imperial facilities actually is in my job description? I guess that is what I get for not reading the fine print.

I’m in it for the gLOREy

Nar Shaddaa has some interesting stuff going on. Between the gang wars, the drug and slave issues, and the Hutt involvement there are some pretty decent quests. One that really stuck out to me took place in Shadow Town were you had to break into an Imperial Torture Facility. Captive is a quest were you are sent in to rescue Ako Domi, a famous Jedi who was captured. The quest rewards above average experience for the level, and has some good cut scenes with an interesting look at how torture can affect people and the nature of the Dark Side, falling, and it’s influence on those around it. While this is a pretty re-used theme in Star Wars this quest looks at it from a fresh and unique angle.

 With quests like these who need DKP?

Blood Money - What’s the first rule of Fight Club? You don’t talk about Fight Club! Well I am gonna break that rule and let you know that this underground fighting ring is filled with a bunch of pushovers. An easy solo if you have crowd control (CC).

Nar Shaddaa Blood Sport – This one is harder than Blood Money but still manageable solo if you have a CC. Watch out for the knock-back on the Gauntlet Gang Mauler so you don’t get knocked into another group. The boss at the end can be tough and you will need everything you got, Heroic Moment, stuns, interrupts, and a medpack.

Breaking Down Shadow Town – Similar to Nar Shaddaa Blood Sport, this one will be a joke for any two players and is capable of being soloed.

Mandalorian Rage – This Heroic 4 quest lives up to it’s name. With pulls that are four elites each, you will need a player healer for sure and a CC would help. Four players would be optimal but you can get away with three with some smart playing.

Snap some pictures of the skyline on your way out folks because that is all for this trip to Nar Shaddaa. Come back next week for a look at the Imperial side of the planet and nude pictures of Satele Shan. I’m kidding of course. Who would ever go to Nar Shaddaa as an Imperial?


von Aaron Frede am Di, 18. Jun 2013 17:30:50

Summer of SWTOR Update

Looks like it's going to be a pretty cool SWTOR summer.

Looks like it’s going to be a pretty cool SWTOR summer.

SWTOR Senior Producer Bruce Maclean posted an update on the Summer of SWTOR today. The post is filled with dates for Double XP Weekends, projected dates for the next two updates, the return of the now level 55 Relics of the Gree Event, and the arrival of the Bounty Contract Week on August 13th.

Check out all of the details below, including some heavy handed hints about the October release of the much anticipated Update 2.4. As always, leave your thoughts below.

Hello everyone!

Here is a fresh update on where we are at in terms of hitting our schedules for the Summer of SWTOR, and a recap of all the exciting things we have in the works for the months ahead. All of the below dates are the dates the teams are shooting for. As you saw with Game Update 2.2 which had to be moved back by one day, it’s entirely possible these will move!

Double XP Weekends! We’d like to help you stay cool in the heat of the summer with three sessions of double XP, beginning with this weekend:
Double XP Weekend 1:

  • Start: June 21st @6pm GMT
  • End: June 24th @7am GMT

Double XP Weekend 2:

  • Start: June 28th @6pm GMT
  • End: July 1st @7am GMT

Double XP Weekend 3:

  • Start: July 4th @11am GMT
  • End: July 8th @7am GMT

On July 9th we will launch Nightmare Mode Scum and Villainy as a part of Game Update 2.2.2! This Nightmare Mode Operation is currently up on Public Test Server!

On July 23rd look for a return of the Relics of the Gree Event for a nice two week long run:

  • Per community request the event will scale up to level 55 on this next run, including better loot rewards, commendations, and achievements
  • Possible drops include a new Sphere Transport Enclosure vehicle

August 6th is still our target date for Game Update 2.3. *Watch for lots more details on the features below in upcoming blogs, mailers, and community meet and greets!* Some of the bigger parts of this update are:

  • New Flashpoints
  • New Daily Area
  • Game-wide color vibrancy improvement
  • New Recurring Event: Bounty Contract Week

Even though it’s part of Game Update 2.3 we are planning to start the Bounty Contract Week on August 13th. Bounty Contract Week is a monthly event, so if you miss it the first time, don’t worry – it will return next month! The event above was actually teased in our Community Meet & Greet last week and we’ll be sharing more details soon. Here is a snippet for now:

Bounty Contract Week provides new missions with full voice-over that will take you on a hunt for high-value bounty targets across the galaxy. Each bounty contract scales to your level, from 15 to 55, providing experience, credits, Commendations, and Reputation with the Bounty Brokers Association.

Game Update 2.4 is also in the pipe and being worked on for an October release. Even though our mantra is smaller more frequent patches this particular update is shaping up to be very big, with tons of new content and big PvP updates especially targeting Ranked play. We’ll start sharing details next month. If you absolutely *have* to glimpse the potential future, enter a Force trance and focus on these key phrases. Oricon. Warzone Arenas. Dread Masters.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and we are also working on some longer term stuff. As we get closer we’ll have a lot more juicy details on what’s above. Keep your eyes peeled to the forums and for more information!

von Marshall Carr am Di, 18. Jun 2013 17:24:02


SWTOR: Weniger Geld mit Datenwürfeln - Patch 2.2.0a ist online

Am 18. Juni 2013 wurde Patch 2.2.0a für Star Wars: The Old Republic auf die Live-Server aufgespielt. Das Update bringt vor allem Bugfixes zu Kartellmarkt-Items. Unter anderem wird die "Credit Boom"-Belohnung für Datenwürfel entfernt.

Di, 18. Jun 2013 14:39:00


SWTOR Patchnotes zu Patch 2.2a

SWTOR Patchnotes zu Patch 2.2aDie Wartungsarbeiten sind beendet und wir haben für Euch die aktuellen Patchnotes zum neuen Patch 2.2a. Dieser Patch bringt leider keine neuen Inhalte mit in das Spiel, sondern kann eher als Bugfix angesehen werden.

Wir haben für Euch hier die Patchnotes.

Blizzard PosterBioware on Patchnotes (Source)

2.2.0a Patch Notes


We will provide French and German translations as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Items and Economy

  • The Advanced Black-Yellow Fortitude Crystal and SE Black-Green Color Crystal no longer have a vendor value.
  • Encrypted Datacubes will no longer provide a Credit Boom reward option.
  • The Major Experience Boost reward option from Encrypted Datacubes is now the Bind on Pickup version.


von Kabash am Di, 18. Jun 2013 14:10:17


Die Feuerprobe: Star Wars Roman erscheint erst 2014

Während die englische Originalversion von Troy Denning bereits am 15. August diesen Jahres veröffentlicht wird, müssen alle geneigten Leser der deutsche Literatur noch ein ganz schönes Stück warten. Denn "Feuerprobe", der neue Star War Roman, wird erst am 17. März 2014 in deutscher Sprache erscheinen.

Wie das Cover schon vermuten lässt, geht es in Feuerprobe um die alternden großen Drei: Han Solo, Prinzessin Leia und Luke Skywalker wollen sich, nachdem sie mühsam neue Jedi Ritter ausgebildet und die Galaxis gefühlte tausendmal gerettet haben, zur Ruhe setzen.

Doch welche Überraschung! Das Schicksal macht ihnen natürlich einen Strich durch die Rechnung und so bleibt dem Trio nichts anderes übrig, als wieder in die alte Kampfkluft zu steigen und sich erneut der Bedrohung zu stellen.

Wer nicht auf die deutsche Ausgabe im März nächsten Jahres warten möchte, kann bei Amazon natürlich auch Crucible, die englische Originalausgabe vorbestellen.

Alle anderen können sich hier die deutsche Ausgabe sichern »

von Meiou am Di, 18. Jun 2013 14:04:37

Force Junkies

Dev Tracker : Double XP Details

FJ Dev tracker

Originally posted by Bruce Maclean(Source)

What Time Will Double XP Begin? | 06.17.2013, 12:22 PM

Hi! Good question Stormtime. I’m planning on a post tomorrow recapping our Summer Plans and updating where the teams are at in terms of hitting those dates, and was going to include these timestamps. I still will, but here they are now:

Double XP Weekend 1:
Start: June 21’st @6pm GMT
End: June 24’th @7am GMT

Double XP Weekend 2:
Start: June 28’th @6pm GMT
End: July 1’st @7am GMT

Double XP Weekend 3:
Start: July 4’th @11am GMT
End: July 8’th @7am GMT

Just convert GMT to your timezone and you are set!

von jgcharkalis78 am Di, 18. Jun 2013 13:58:37


SWTOR Tauntaun Reittier Daten auf dem PTS

SWTOR Tauntaun Reittier Daten auf dem PTSAuf dem PTS sind jetzt Daten aufgetaucht,  welche darauf hindeuten, dass Bioware daran arbeitet in Zukunft ein Tauntaun Mount in das Spiel zu implementieren. Diese befinden sich derzeit im Programmcode, jedoch kann man aktuell auf dem PTS noch nicht auf einem Tauntaun reiten.

Test Dateien

Die Zeilen mit dem Tauntaun Reittier sind allesamt mit der Bemerkung “test” versehen. Dadurch kann man davon ausgehen, dass es das Tauntaun leider nicht bis zum nächsten Patch verfügbar sein wird. Darüber spekuliert wurde aber schon vor längerer Zeit, ob ein Tauntaun Reittier in das Spiel eingefügt wird.


von Kabash am Di, 18. Jun 2013 12:50:29


"Ein großartiger Regisseur." George lobt J.J. Abrams

In einem Interview mit der Seite Access Hollywood äußerte sich George Lucas zu seinem Nachfolger J.J. Abrams und fand dabei viel Lob. So bezeichnet er diesen als großartigen Regisseur und denkt, dass dieser die Geschichte um Star Wars schon verstanden hätte. Wenn nicht, könne man George auch anrufen, da er sich ansonsten seinen Sachen widmet.:

"J.J.’s a great director and we’re friends. I think he understands the whole thing and how it works.[...] And if he doesn’t Kathy will keep it straight.[...] If they need help or anything, they’ll give me a call,” he said. “Otherwise, I’m off on my own.

Zudem fügte er hinzu, wie er sich die Reaktionen des Publikums oder der Medien nach dem Erscheinen von Episode VII vorstelle und wie diese aussehen werden. Laut seiner Aussage wird es einige Kritik geben, aber diese würde auch so kommen, egal was man machen würde:

"No matter how you do it, it’s a complicated cultural icon. Therefore you’re always going to be in trouble no matter what you do. So, the best thing you can do is just plow forward and try to do the best story you can."

Womöglich hat der große Visionär wieder einmal Recht, wobei das in diesem Fall nicht allzu schwer sein dürfte. Wie sieht es bei euch aus? Denkt ihr genauso oder denkt ihr, George liegt diesmal falsch?

von Etoya am Di, 18. Jun 2013 11:06:19


SWTOR: Tauntaun-Reittiere im Code entdeckt

Im Code von Biowares MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic wurden Hinweise auf geplante Tauntaun-Reittiere gefunden. Ob und wann die neuen Mounts aber ins Spiel kommen, ist unbekannt.

Di, 18. Jun 2013 09:46:00


Wartungsarbeiten am heutigen Dienstag

Update – 15 Uhr Uhr:

Und hier haben wir die Patchnotes des heutigen Tages. Allerdings gibt es diese vorerst nur in der englischen Variante. Die deutsche wird, sobald verfügbar, nachgereicht.

Update – 14.15 Uhr:

Die Server sind wieder da! Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß beim Spielen :)

Update – 12 Uhr:

Die Server werden gerade in diesem Moment heruntergefahren. Die Wartung hat begonnen!

Wer heute trotz des schönen Wetters geplant hat, sich an den Rechner zu setzen, um ein wenig ins SWTOR Universum abzutauchen, der muss am frühen Nachmittag ein Päuschen einlegen, denn in dieser Zeit werden die Spielserver gewartet.

Pünktlich um 12 Uhr werden die Server heruntergefahren, um Patch 2.2a aufzuspielen. Die Arbeiten werden etwa drei Stunden andauern und sollten gegen 15 Uhr beendet sein. Beachtet, dass während dieser Zeit die Spielserver offline genommen werden und euch nicht zur Verfügung stehen.

Patchnotes gibt es derzeit leider noch nicht, aber wir gehen davon aus, dass diese spätestens mit dem Ende der Wartungsarbeiten veröffentlicht werden. Sollte sich etwas am Wartungszeitfenster verändern, werden wir euch natürlich dementsprechend informieren.

Die Ankündigung der Wartungsarbeiten findet ihr hier im offiziellen Forum »
Die Patchnotes des heutigen Tages gibt es hier »
Das Patchnotes Archiv findet ihr an dieser Stelle »

von Meiou am Di, 18. Jun 2013 07:32:41

Montag, 17. Juni 2013